MultiVersus: How to Get Free Batman Day Profile Icon

80 years of superhero angst

September 17 is known as Batman Day to, well, Batman fans. The Caped Crusader has been assaulting poor people and enabling mass murderers for over 80 years. Batman Day is a relatively recent event, first being “celebrated” in 2016 for Batman’s 75th anniversary. Since then there has been some kind of celebration, usually in the form of discounts across various media and news. MultiVersus is celebrating Batman Day this weekend with a free unlockable Profile Icon. Here’s how to get it.

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How to Get Batman Day Profile Icon for Free in MultiVersus

Luckily, there isn’t much you have to do if you’re a regular MultiVersus player. In order to get the free Batman Day Profile Icon in MultiVersus, you simply have to play as Batman this weekend, from September 16 to 19. And you only have to play three matches! It’s a pretty neat image too, at least if you’re into Batman.

Unfortunately, you won’t just have a notification pop up after your third Batman match. The above tweet was followed up with a note that players who meet the requirements will have to wait until sometime next week. Considering it’s a little freebie, that isn’t so bad. But MultiVersus hasn’t exactly seen all its plans going smoothly, so it may be a good idea to play more than the minimum three Batman matches, just in case.

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And if you don’t have Batman unlocked, good news! He’s part of the free rotation, which lasts until September 27. So if you don’t have the coins or the cash, you can still get your Dark Knight Detective time in over the weekend. Of course, Batman is one of the stronger and more popular characters in MultiVersus, so you probably have him already if Batman Day is a thing you care about.

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