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Monster Hunter: World – What Are Investigations?

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter: World has a ton of content and quests for players to take on and complete. If you’re looking to reach the maximum Hunter Rank, and continue unlocking new gear and progressing, there are a few things you can do, including quests called Investigations. But what are Investigations in Monster Hunter: World and how do you pick them up? Here’s everything you need to know about Investigations in Monster Hunter: World and how they can benefit you.

What Are Investigations?

Investigations are basically like quests, however, unlike quests, they will be picked up at the Resource Center, instead of at the Quest Board. On top of that, you’ll also be able to unlock far more Investigations, and they can often reward you with more experience and items than just completing the same quests over and over will. This makes Investigations a great way to farm for Hunter Rank experience while also giving you plenty of ways to explore the world around you.

Investigations can be unlocked and picked up by collecting evidence from various creatures and monsters out in the world. You can collect data to unlock new Investigations by gathering data from footprints, mucus, skid marks, and even things like feathers and other markers left by monsters out in the world. Now, this also unlocks more Research Points for you, which you can use to purchase other things in the game world—but that’s something we can touch on later.

Investigations are basically like themed quests that send you out on specific errands within different areas. These Investigations can range from something simple like slaying monsters, hunting down monsters, or even capturing them. You can see what kind of investigation you’re signing up for when you look through them at the Research Center. Of course, make sure you pay careful attention to the requirements of each Investigation that you take on, as this can confuse some players, as many of them will talk about “large” or “small” monsters. You can tell the difference in monsters and which investigations they’ll count for on the map, or in your Hunter’s Notes.

As with most of the quests in Monster Hunter: World, you can’t take as long as you want. In fact, many of them will require you to complete them in a limited amount of time, such as fifty minutes, or somewhere around there. They’ll also often have other constraints to pay attention to, like if you faint, or if you run out of time. Keep in mind that all of these things can lead to you not completing the Investigation.

Now that you know more about Investigations and how helpful they can be, head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more useful information and strategy content.


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