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Monster Hunter: World – Palico Gadgets

by Josh Hawkins

Your Palico is your greatest ally when you’re hunting down beasts in Monster Hunter: World and knowing all the options available for your feline companion is going to be important. To help you out we’ve put together a full list of the items and gadgets that your Palico can equip, which will help you better understand your companion’s capabilities and usefulness in combat. Once you understand the Palico gadgets in Monster Hunter: World, you can really start getting into the game.

We’ll continue to update this article over time with more gadgets as we unlock them and discover them, so check back often for the most up-to-date information.

Palico Gadgets

There are quite a few different gadgets that your Palico can make use of in Monster Hunter: World and knowing the differences between them all is key. We’ll go over each gadget below, as well as discuss how you unlock it.

Vigorwasp Spray

Your companion will start the game off with this particular gadget, and while it’s the starter equipment, it’s going to remain very useful throughout the entire game. When equipped, this gadget will allow your Palico to release a Vigorwasp that will heal you for a certain percentage of your health. Once you’ve level this gadget up to Level 5, you can even request a Vigorwasp manually, allowing you to heal yourself whenever you need it.

Flashfly Cage

This gadget is unlocked by helping out the tribe in the Ancient Forest area, and to grab it you’ll need to unlock all of the camp sites. From here you should be able to accept a quest to help the Bugtrappers, though you will need to find their tracks and follow to the top of a massive tree. While exploring Area 17 on the map, look out for a little creature that flies away from you. Track it down to unlock this gadget.

The Flashfly Cage is great because it allows your Palico to call in Flashflies near large monsters, allowing you to blind them for a short amount of time. This will give you extra time to attack the beasts and get in some more licks. Once you reach Level 5 on this gadget you can summon the Flashfly manually, as well as have your Palico place down a Shock Trap to help you out as well. Once you reach Level 10, the ability to place the Shock Trap manually will become available.


The Shieldspire gadget is extremely useful because it allows your Palico to summon a massive shield that you can use to taunt large monsters, drawing their attention from you. This is really useful if you want to mount monsters, as it will give you the chance you need to get behind them and jump onto them. You can unlock this gadget in the Wildspire Waste by helping the Grimalkynes and capturing the leader’s friends with the net.

Coral Orchestra

Once you reach the Coral Highlands you can locate the tribe in the area and help them hunt down two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku as part of a quest called ‘Troubled Troupers’. This quest is quite difficult, and it doesn’t support any kind of co-op, so make sure you come prepared with plenty of healing items. After you have completed the quest this gadget will unlock, allowing your Palico to use an instrument to boost you attack, defense, and status resistances with song and dance. Your Palico will also gain the ability to communicate with the Shamos, aiding you even more on your hunts.

That’s all the gadgets that we’ve discovered up to now, but we will continue to update this article as we unlock and discover more. Each of these gadgets is useful in its own way, and having the right item equipped will be crucial in more difficult fights. Make sure you head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more helpful articles like this.

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