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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Release Date – Xbox One, PS4, and PC

by Nicholas Barth

Monster Hunter: World has been a huge success, as the latest entry in the fan-favorite franchise has brought in a whole new generation of players to the giant creature slaying franchise. However, Monster Hunter: World will soon be getting a major upgrade with the implementation of its new Iceborne expansion. From new monsters to hunt to new environments to explore, the Iceborne expansion for the popular game is set to be a truly exciting time for fans. If you are curious about when you will be able to jump into this new content, be sure to check out the release date for the upcoming expansion for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PC below. 

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Release Date

Friday, September 6th is the official release date of this new expansion for the title. Unfortunately for PC players, this particular day is for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the expansion. Capcom has not yet provided an official release date for this new expansion on PC. All that is known about the release date for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne on PC is that it will arrive in Winter 2019. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date

While the release date for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will come before the PC version, it is not too surprising considering the PC version of the base game was released much later than its Xbox One and PS4 counterparts. This could be due to the PC version of the new expansion requiring more development time to make sure it is fully ready to be released to the public. 

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