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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Rajang Guide – What We Know About Rajang

by Ginny Woo

Monster Hunter World is known for bringing back monsters that have long-tormented series veterans, from the likes of the Nargacuga to the Rathalos. Now, the latest expansion is going to bring back the Rajang, and we’re both terrified and excited at the same time. When’s this monster going to drop and what can we expect? Check out our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rajang guide for the scoop on what we know so far.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rajang Guide – What We Know About Rajang

Rajang is, for lack of a better phrase, going to go apeshit when it’s released in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. With a left hook and a windmill to rival the most seasoned of wrestlers, this gorilla is definitely no joke. It’s featured in many a Monster Hunter game over the years, and its arsenal of attacks including dive-bombing and lasers is nothing to laugh off. Add in the fact that you can very well be stunned, and you’ve got one lethal animal on the pointy end of whatever weapon you choose to shake at it. 

In terms of when Rajang is going to make its grand debut in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, the tentative date at this point appears to October 10. We’ve already been given a bit of a preview at Tokyo Game Show as to what facing down the King of the Jungle will be like, and it looks like it’s going to hurt a hell of a lot. Some moves that Rajang is going to showcase in Iceborne include:

  • A ground pound
  • Devastating bull rush with its horned front
  • A leaping grab that treats you like a ragdoll
  • Its enraged state where it Super Saiyans up
  • Devilish red claws enhancing its swipes

Now that you know when this ape is going to escape onto the PlayStation, our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rajang guide should neatly encapsulate the other information that’s currently out about this particular monster. Wanting to know what other changes the latest expansion has brought to bear? Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne weapon moves list could come in handy.


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