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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Glavenus Guide – How to Defeat Glavenus

by Ginny Woo

Out of all the fierce foes in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, there are very few larger or angrier than the Glavenus. It appears at a crucial juncture in the expansion and gives you a taste of some truly spectacular, frenzied combat. Possessing not only size but also sheer strength, this beast is one to behold and requires a truly agile approach to defeat it. Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide should tell you what you need to know to take it down once and for all. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Glavenus Guide

The Glavenus is ferocious and also a Fire-type monster. Yes, those are still a thing even though the expansion is called Iceborne. Naturally, this means that you’re going to have to swap out your gear to ensure that your Fire elemental resistances are stacked up. This bad boy also packs a huge punch in terms of raw physical damage, so if you can’t get every single piece of gear up to scratch then it’s also worth chucking on whatever’s your highest armor value. 

Like the Nargacuga, there are some special moves that only the Glavenus is capable of. In its enraged state, it too becomes a lot more lethal. Where the Nargacuga becomes more unpredictable in its moveset, the Glavenus gains the rather annoying ability to execute a longer sequence of devastating moves. This means that unless you’re spot-on when it comes to memorizing attack patterns and predicting just how to dodge out of attacks that are five sequences away, you can easily get caught on the tail end of a combo that lasts just one strike too long. The Glavenus prides itself on having a wicked bite, and also a wicked tail slash.

Our tips and tricks for taking down the Glavenus are as follows:

  • Be careful when using the Clutch Claw; it’s highly mobile and could crush you
  • Try the Glider Mantle for easier mounts so you can get damage in without worrying about being hit
  • We would go for its legs; the tail is dangerous when set on fire
  • Make sure that you’re exploiting its Water elemental weakness

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Glavenus guide in your grasp, tackling this tiny-armed tyrannosaurus rex rip-off should be a piece of cake. If you’ve got any questions about defeating other pesky enemies that were introduced with this expansion, check out our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Nargacuga guide for a helping hand. 


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