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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Brute Tigrex Guide

by Ginny Woo

Those who are about to crack into the end-game of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are likely reporting a ton of strange sightings in the form of some rare, souped-up monsters. If you thought that the variant creatures you had to put down in the expansion’s story content were tough, then you’re definitely in for a rude awakening as you step foot into the Guiding Lands. Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brute Tigrex guide will tell you how to find this bad boy and how to prepare to take him down. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brute Tigrex Guide: Unlock the Brute Tigrex

If you so much as want the chance to sniff this terrifying-looking beast, then we’re going to have to disclaim our advice here: you need to have finished the main story of the Iceborne expansion first and unlocked the Guiding Lands. You’ll also have to have gotten the Rotten Vale Region up to Level 6 in those Lands. The quickest way forward here might be to stay sharp and on the lookout for special monster tracks, and to carve bits off the foes that you do find on your way to the top. Once you’re Master Rank 70, you’ll be eligible for the Brute Tigrex to spawn. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brute Tigrex Guide: Tips and Tricks

The regular Tigrex was a huge fan of throwing itself bodily at those who would oppose it, and it had a pretty formidable bite and roar. The same tenacious attitude definitely carries through both versions of the beast, however, and it has the ferocity of an Elder Dragon twice its size. Charging is the order of the day, so we could recommend being poised to strike when it inevitably exhausts itself. 

On top of that, the Brute Tigrex has a horrible roar which is definitely more than just a minor inconvenience. It’s the quickest way to get you in a bind, which means that we would take Earplugs or the Rocksteady mantle so that you’re not paralyzed and in danger of being swiped. 

Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with the Brute Tigrex:

  • Bring Water or Ice elemental weapons to this fight for maximum effectiveness
  • If you’re sick of the roaring, we would tackle its head first – breaking it should silence the beast
  • Strike hard when it’s tired from running around after you
  • Go for its stubby arms and tail outside of the head

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Brute Tigrex guide to hand, taking him down should be easy so long as you’ve got a way to protect your precious eardrums when he decides to loudly complain about being hunted. Fancy other targets in the Guiding Lands? Check out our guide on defeating the Silver Rathalos.


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