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Monster Hunter World Carbalite Ore Guide: Where to Find Carbalite Ore

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been ramping up things in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne because you know that the Resident Evil circus is gonna be coming to town, then you’re not alone. However, climbing up the various weapons trees means that you’re going to need a hell of a lot of materials, usually. Bones, pelts, and hell, even ore. Check out our guide on how to find the coveted material that’s Monster Hunter World Carbalite Ore and what you can use it for.

Monster Hunter World Carbalite Ore Guide: How to Use It

Here are some of the weapons in the game that use Carbalite Ore:

  • Blacksteel Chopper II
  • Blacksteel Dragonhorn II
  • Blacksteel Lance II
  • Blacksteel Longsword II
  • Blacksteel Hammer II
  • Blacksteel Sword II
  • Blacksteel Twins II
  • Buster Blade III
  • Buon Fiore
  • Chrome Deathscythe I
  • Chrome Knight Sword I
  • Chrome Lance I and II
  • Chrome Razor I and II
  • Chrome Slicer I and II
  • Dipterus I
  • Dual Slicers III
  • Freeze Blade II
  • Freeze Daggers II
  • Fortissimo I and II
  • Great Bagpipe III
  • Heavy Bang+
  • Iron Archdemon I and II
  • Iron Demon III
  • Iron Gospel I and II
  • Iron Grace III
  • Jyura Hatchets I
  • Kulu Hasta I
  • Lightning Bash I
  • Lightning Drum I
  • Lightning Punisher I
  • Lightning Spire I
  • Malady’s Kiss I
  • Rogue Wave I
  • Steel Gunlance III
  • Steel Lance III
  • Steel Knife III
  • Sworn Rapiers+
  • Water Busher I
  • Water Tamtam I

Here are some of the armor pieces in the game that use Carbalite Ore:

  • Alloy Armor Alpha and Beta
  • Butterfly Vertex Armor
  • Chainmail Armor
  • Gajau Armor
  • High Metal HelmDiablos Nero Armor
  • King Beetle Armor
  • Kushala Cocoon
  • Leather Mail Beta and Alpha
  • Leather Trousers Alpha and Beta
  • Pukei Mail
  • Tzitzi Greaves

Monster Hunter World Carbalite Ore Guide: Where to Find It

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you might be wanting Carbalite Ore for, we’ve got the details on where to actually find this material. You can get it one of two ways: mining outcrops, or killing HR monsters (like the Uragaan).

If you’re looking for some locations to find the material naturally occurring in the wild, you’ll want to check out these places:

  • Wildspire Waste
  • Ancient Forest
  • Coral Highlands
  • Rotten Vale
  • Elder’s Recess

The key is that you’re going to have to be in the High Rank version of these places, so just keep that in mind when you’re tramping around looking desperately for Carbalite Ore and wondering why it’s not turning up. 

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Carbalite Ore guide handy, finding this material should be a piece of cake regardless of what it is that you’re trying to craft with it. Need help with something else in Astera? Check out our list of all the Assigned Quests in Iceborne if you’re still trying to cross those off your bucket list.

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