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Monster Hunter Generations – How to Beat the Land Sharq Village Key Quest

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to beat the Land Sharq Village Key Quest in Monster Hunter Generations. The Land Sharq quest pits you against one of the toughest monsters in the game: the Cephadrome. You’ll unlock this mission after completing all the previous two-star Village Quests. Below, we provide some preparation for this fight, and tips on defeating the Cephadrome.

First, you’ll need to learn a bit about the Cephadrome to get an idea of what to bring to the battle. The Cephadrome is a water-based monster, so equipping yourself with water-resistance armorwill give you an advantage. Make sure you’re stocked up on your typical supplies such as Paintballs, Rations and Potions, but be sure to bring the following: Sonic Bombs and Cool Drinks.

Players can freely choose their Hunting Style and weapons, but we equipped the Aerial Style with the Great Sword so we can complete this mission’s side quest: Mount the monster twice. However, this will make the fight a bit more difficult when it comes to defense. Choose whatever classes you’re comfortable with.

The fight with Cephadrome takes place in the Dunes desert. The Cool Drinks come in handy in this area as the desert heat will deplete your health. When ready, make your way to Area 7 to locate the Cephadrome.

Start this battle off by tossing a Paintball at the monster. This typical tactic should be nothing new for traditional Monster Hunter players. Doing so will mark the beast on your map in case you lose sight of it, or when it decides to escape. Make sure to do this more than once in this battle to keep him on your tracks.

The Cephadrome has a variety of attacks to be wary of. When on the surface, it will swing its tail quite often as you approach it, so stay a good distance and wait after it attacks to execute your strike.The monster has a tendency to bury itself into sand, and then resurface tobrieflyattack you. Unless you’re using the Aerial Style, you’ll want to use the evade roll to avoid its underground assaults. If you are using Aerial, you’ll need tokeep moving to prevent any damage when possible. Try tossing a Sonic Bomb to bring him back to the surface as he charges you.

You’ll want to concentrate on running (or rolling) underneath the beast and attacking its belly. Doing so will allow you to avoid most of his frontal attacks, and give you an opportunity to unleash a set of combos. Note that the monster will eventually spin around when you’re below him, so either roll underneath him again or retreat before he can strike you.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Cephadrome, you should be capable of mounting him with the Great Sword’s aerial combo from the front. Continue to put the hurt on him to unleash a significant amount of damage before he rolls you off. Don’t stop the onslaught here – the beast will flip on its sideand be stunned momentarily as his body flops. Take this opportunity to throw in some more strikes.

Repeat the same tactics as before, and you should be able to successfully mount him again. From there, it won’t be too long before the Cephadrome as had enough and retreats. As long as you painted the monster, your Paintball will indicate is whereabouts on the map (our experience had him run off to Area 3). Make haste to his location so he has little time to rest.

Like most monster fights, the next phase has the Cephadrome in a more aggressive state on your second encounter. Hold off on using any of your special attacks at the start, because he’s likely to go underground immediately when you approach him (and you’ll waste you art gauge). As before, use Sonic Bombs to get him back to surface, or wait until he resurfaces to use your special abilities.His attacks are a bit faster this time around, but his offense seemed to stay the same. Stay on your toes and counterattack as before, attacking him underneath and performing aerial strikes. It should take lesser time now to stun him. With enough offense, he should go down for good.

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