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Monster Hunter Generations – Best Hunting Arts and Styles

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers the best Hunting Arts and Styles in Monster Hunter Generations. If you follow this tips here you will be at the top of your game in no time. Monster Hunter Generations grants you four Hunting Styles that bring unique abilities with almost endless possibilities. Here, we provide a breakdown of each style.

Hunting Arts in Monster Hunter Generations

First, you’ll need to know about howHunting Arts work. Arts are basically special moves you can unlock as you advance that can be good use when combined with both your weapons and styles. There are technically three different types of art abilities: healing, offensive and defensive. With some styles, you’ll be able use more than one.

Hunting Arts are onlyeffective once you max out the art gauge. The meter will gradually increase based on the successful strikes you connect with your enemy. To get the most of Hunting Arts, experiment with all the different styles to see what fits for you.

Aerial Style in Monster Hunter Generations

Your typical evade maneuver is replaced witha jumping technique that allows you to pounceoff enemies and allies.This aerial tactic allows you to execute some powerful attacks from above without the need of climbingobstacles. The best part? You’ll find it much easier to mount monsters.

Adept Style inMonster Hunter Generations

The Adept Style is a counter-attack tactic that works in a unique way.Note that it requires proper timing. You’ll want to evade (or guard, depending on your weapon) just before your foe attacks you, which will trigger your hunter to automatically retaliate with a counter strike. It takes practice, but comes in handy once you adapt to a monster’s behavior.

Striker Style inMonster Hunter Generations

If you prefer to be an aggressive fighter, the Striker Style is a good fit. The beauty using the Striker is that it allows you to carry a total of three Hunter Arts, making it a phenomenal choice for players who enjoy offense over defense. Try combining different Hunter Arts with certain weapons (such as the Dual Blades) to make use for unbelievable speedy and powerful attacks. Note that even when you sustain damage, your arts gauge will continue to increase.A good choice for beginners.

Guild Style inMonster Hunter Generations

The game implies that the Guild Style is most popular among the Hunter’s Guild. In other words, thisstyle fits best for players familiar with Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate.That said, as you progress and unlock new arts, you’ll find that the Guild Style acts as (arguably) the most balanced, taking advantage of both offensive and defensive weapons. Think of this style as a Striker, but asafer approach.

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