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Monster Hunter 4 Multiplayer Tips – Using StreetPass, Guild Cards

by Bryan Dawson

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has plenty of single-player content for Nintendo 3DS owners to enjoy. In addition to all of that content, there’s an option for co-op multiplayer that will allow you to form a party with other hunters and take on quests together. While most of the experience is similar to the single player aspects of the game, there are a few things of note when trying to get a multiplayer match going. 

Gathering Halls

Before you gain access to Gathering Halls, you need to have your settings properly configured. On the World Map screen, press the Solo/Multiplayer button and ensure your status is listed as Online Multiplayer. Once that’s done, you can create a Gathering Hall for other players or join one that’s already been made. 

You can create or find Gathering Halls based on where you want to do battle, your hunting experience preference and the type of content you’re looking for. You can also use the Friend List option to join any Gathering Halls that people on your friends list created. You can even mix and match so you have a party with friends and newcomers. 

To begin a multiplayer quest, one member of your party needs to speak with the NPCs on the left side of the room. Select a quest, then the rest of your party needs to go to the notice board to accept the quest. Once everyone has the proper quest, head out the door to begin your adventure.

Hunters for Hire

The Hunters for Hire system in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate allows you to collect supplies and other items via the StreetPass system in the Nintendo 3DS or by trading with your friends. Hunters for Hire features Guild Cards that have quests attached to them. You can send other players Guild Cards you’ve collected, or pick them up when other players come within close proximity of your 3DS, triggering the StreetPass system. 

If you wish to activate StreetPass, speak with the Courier in the first town you enter upon starting the game. You can also use the World Map screen to set your multiplayer  status to Offline Mode before entering the Gathering Hall. This causes your Gathering Hall to be filled with virtual hunters instead of real-life people. Speak to any of the virtual hunters to begin, then complete two of your own quests before returning to the Gathering Hall to reap the rewards of the virtual hunters.

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