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Monopoly Go Prize Drop Chips
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Event currency in Monopoly GO is a fun, fantastic opportunity to get some sweet rewards between rolling your game token around the map and making money. For a limited time, you can gather small red and yellow coins known as prize drop chips for playing a Plinko-styled minigame called Peg-E. By playing this, you can gain even more money without rolling dice.

How to Get More Prize Drop Chips in Monopoly GO

Prize drop chips are available from Monopoly GO’s events, such as Wilderness Retreat. You’ll gain numerous rewards as you reach various event levels, with these prize chips available every few tiers. You can also get cash, card packs, and free dice rolls.

Alternatively, you can buy premium packs like the Robo-Tastic Pack or Campfire Deal to instantly gain prize drop chips in exchange for real money. While this is not a free way to get these chips, it’s quick if you don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there.

Below are other examples of methods you can use to get more Peg-E prize drop chips:

  • Quick win rewards
  • Shop rewards
  • Peg-E rewards

Event Rewards

The best way to get more prize drop chips for the Peg-E minigame is to complete limited-time event milestones. While the screenshot above shows Wilderness Retreat as an example, any that runs until October 25 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET can reward you with prize drop chips. However, only some reward tiers give them; sometimes, you’ll get dice, cash, or stick packs instead.

Premium Packs and Shop Rewards

If you don’t mind spending some real money, limited-time premium packs are another quick way to get Peg-E tokens alongside dice, stickers, and other goodies. As a bonus, redeeming a free pack or shop rewards will net you prize drop chips without spending a dime.

Quick Wins

As you play Monopoly GO, you’ll find quick wins asking you to roll several times, shut down another person, upgrade landmarks, and do other miscellaneous tasks. As you complete them, you’ll gain points toward a weekly prize alongside rewards such as free dice and money. While the Peg-E event is active, you’ll also gain prize drop chips for every quick win you complete. You can finish several quick wins daily, making it a reliable method to get additional chips.

Peg-E Bumper Rewards

Occasionally, as you play Peg-E’s minigame, you’ll encounter rewards that give dice, cash, or even additional prize drop chips. If your tokens hit the board’s token icon enough times, you may get some in return, giving you a few extra chip drops. While you’re not guaranteed to encounter this every time, it’s an excellent opportunity to get some prize chips returned to you.

How to Use Prize Drop Chips in Monopoly GO

Once you’ve collected some prize drop chips in Monopoly GO, you can use them in the limited-time Peg-E event by tapping the token icon on the right side of your game screen and picking one of the red arrows to send your token down the machine. It’ll bounce along the pegs, landing in a slot at the bottom of Peg-E and rewarding you with the cash value shown. You can also use the multiplier button to send several tokens down at once, multiplying the cash values.

Alongside gaining cash, you’ll also get points toward prizes. The points given are as follows:

  • Chip drop: +4 Points
  • Cash won: +1 Point
  • Bumper Complete: +50 Points

As you obtain points, you’ll reach milestone rewards such as card packs and free dice rolls. You’ll know how close you are to the next goal by tapping the reward bar below the machine and checking your progress.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. To learn more about the game, check out how to get the ‘Lady of the Lake’ 4-star sticker in Monopoly GO, or click the tag below to browse our entire article collection!

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