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Monopoly GO: All Lasso Loops Event Rewards Listed

Throw your lasso and pull in some rewards!

Monopoly GO’s Winter Games event has now ended, and with it comes another with plenty more dice rolls, cash, and stickers to claim. Here’s the complete list of every Lasso Loops event reward.

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Monopoly GO Lasso Loops Event Rewards and Task List

The Lasso Loops event features 42 rewards you can obtain by landing on specific board tiles and collecting points. The prizes start with small amounts of cash and dice but eventually lead to hundreds of dice and rare sticker packs.

Below is every Lasso Loops event reward and the points required to claim them:

Lasso Loops LevelPoints RequiredRewards
2520 dice rolls
310One-Star Sticker Pack
450125 dice rolls
615One-Star Sticker Pack
71510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9100225 dice rolls
1125One-Star Sticker Pack
13250450 dice rolls
1540Two-Star Sticker Pack
17400700 dice rolls
185010 minutes of High Roller
1975Three-Star Sticker Pack
217001,200 dice rolls
2365Four-Star Sticker Pack
247015 minutes of Cash Grab
2580100 dice rolls
27150225 dice rolls
29250Four-Star Sticker Pack
301,2001,700 dice rolls
313005 minutes of Cash Boost
341,8002,400 dice rolls
35550Five-Star Sticker Pack
37700700 dice rolls
39750800 dice rolls
40800Five-Star Sticker Pack
424,3007,000 dice rolls
Five-Star Sticker Pack
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While the event’s starting levels only require a few points, things quickly ramp up. By the end, you need thousands of points, so be sure to use your dice multipliers and take advantage of events like High Roller to maximize how many you gain. Just keep an eye on how many dice you have, as it’s easy to drain your count to zero if you’re rolling hundreds per go.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Lasso Loops Event

To score points during the Monopoly GO Lasso Loops event, you must land on Luxury and Income Tax board tiles. They score you two and three points, respectively, with roll multipliers increasing these values. To put this into perspective, rolling with a 100-times multiplier will grant you 200 or 300 points instead of two or three, allowing you to jump several levels immediately.

When Does the Lasso Loops Event End in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO’s Lasso Loops event ends on Monday, January 29, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. Like most past tournaments and events, Lasso Loops is another short event that only gives you a few days to collect as many rewards as possible. Once this one ends, another will begin immediately, restarting the continuous loop of Monopoly GO events.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. If you’re often running out of dice rolls, check out our list of Monopoly GO free dice links, or click the game’s tag below to explore our growing article collection.

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