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The Modes of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

by Prima Games Staff

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is right around the corner, and it has plenty of improvements over the original game, including ample single player support (across both modes and missions), the ability to play in local split-screen co-op, and a smattering of new characters to choose from.

Of course, modes are what make the game. You could just go into the garden and get into an out-and-out skirmish, but there are other modes in which you can protect objectives, go for takedowns, or simply get yourself acquainted with the game.

Here’s a breakdown of the many modes you’ll find within Garden Warfare 2:

Garden Ops/Graveyard Ops

Rather than just playing as the Plants side (like in the original game), Garden Warfare 2 lets you choose either team and defend either your Garden or Graveyard. The goal of the game is to defend your base from being overtaken by enemies, in which you’ll face ten increasingly difficult waves. As each one goes on, foes will become bigger and stronger, and by wave ten, you’ll come across juggernauts, such as Stumpy or the Mechanic Zombie, that will require a great deal of firepower.

Ideal for: Those looking to improve teammate skills, or looking for a strong solo player challenge

Welcome Mat

For those getting acquainted with the game – or looking to hop into battle without worrying about upgrades – the Welcome Mat is a good place to start. Here, you’ll focus on core characters, without any boosts or extra skins, as they take part in simple combat. The more you die within the game, the more health you start with the next time around, enabling you to stay in the battle longer.

Ideal for: Newbies and those looking for simplicity from their match-ups

Team Vanquish

This is an all-out Deathmatch sort of competition, where the goal is to take down as many opposing players as possible. The first one to 50 takedowns wins, so it’s important to stay alive and finish off as many adversaries as you can.

Ideal for: Traditional multiplayer fans.

Vanquish Confirmed!

This one follows the basic rules of Team Vanquish, but adds a twist inspired by Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed mode. As a player is beaten on the battlefield, they will leave behind an orb. If the opposing team picks it up, it’s a point on their board. If the downed player’s allies get the orb, a point is removed from the opposing score.

Ideal for: Traditional multiplayer fans and devotees of Kill Confirmed.

Turf Takeover

This is an “all your base are belong to us” sort of mode, where you attempt to take over a series of objectives. If a team successfully defends a point within the allotted time frame, they win the match. However, if the opponents take over all six of their bases during the battle, they win.

Ideal for: Those looking for a more advanced multiplayer match-up, although it’s great for traditional players, too.

Gnome Bomb

The Gnome Bomb is one of the most powerful weapons within the game, so it’s no surprise that both Plants and Zombies want to take control of it. Those players that manage to keep the most control over the bomb over the course of the match will win – and be able to wipe out the other side. Think of it as a variation of a “capture the flag” mode, but with consistent movement. 

Ideal for: Traditional multiplayer fans.


This is an “area domination” sort of map, where you attempt to raise either tombstones or gardens (depending on which side you’re on) to take control of the map. The thing is, when you attempt to summon one of these, fireworks will go off, easily giving away your location – which means you better be ready for a firefight. The team that raises the most control points in a match wins.

Ideal for: Traditional multiplayer fans, and those who enjoy Capture the Flag.

Mixed Mode

Finally, there’s a mode that mashes all of these objectives together into one smorgasbord of a match. You’ll not only go after defeats and pick up the orbs left behind, but also attempt to take over control points, try to gain access of the Gnome Bomb, and perform Suburbination in certain spots. It’s a bit crazy, but this is the ideal Garden Warfare 2 multiplayer experience.

Ideal for: Traditional multiplayer fans, or those seeking a fun and worthy challenge.

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