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Modern Warfare Perks Multiplayer Guide

by Ginny Woo

So. You’ve got sugar, spice, and the will to commit a bunch of extrajudicial military activities in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. What’s the next thing you’ve got to add to your arsenal? Perks.

If you’re wanting to keep your position as the top dog in a squad governed by the main principles of shooting things really efficiently and plausible deniability, then you’ll want to check out our Modern Warfare perks multiplayer guide to help you make the right choices. 

Modern Warfare Perks Multiplayer Guide – Basic Information

You’re going to have three different perk slots to work with. This means that you can equip a number of combinations of what’s available to you to customize your chosen build. There are different options for each perk slot, so you can’t just stack the same perk a bunch of times and profit. Veterans of the franchise are going to recognize some old fan-favorite perks making their way into Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but there’s also a whole slew of new ones so we’ll run through the list of what perks are available for the different slots and what they do.

Modern Warfare Perks Multiplayer Guide – List of Perks

As mentioned, there are different perks available depending on the slots that you’re using, and all three slots are different. 

Modern Warfare Perks for Slot One

  • Tune Up – field upgrades will charge 50% faster.
  • Scavenger – grab ammo off the dead.
  • E.O.D – you can hack claymores, proximity mines, and C4. You’ll also take less damage from explosives that aren’t killstreak bonuses, and fire.
  • Double Time – Super Sprint lasts twice as long and you can refresh this when you kill someone
  • Tracker – enemies have death markers and visual indicators of passing through. You also crouch faster.

Modern Warfare Perks for Slot Two

  • Ghost – you hide from Drones, High Alert, Heartbeat Sensors, and UAVs. You also kill without a trace.
  • Restock – your equipment gets recharged.
  • Kill Chain – killstreaks carry over to other lives.
  • Overkill – you can have two primary weapons.
  • Hardline – it’s one kill cheaper to obtain a killstreak.

Modern Warfare Perks for Slot Three

  • Amped – you swap weapons quicker and you reload heavy weapons faster.
  • Cold Blooded – AI and thermal optics can’t sense you. You’re also unaffected by snapshot grenades.
  • High Alert – enemies that spot you will prompt a visual notification.
  • Shrapnel – you get more equipment on spawn, and explosive damage you cause will cut enemy health regen.
  • Battle Hardened – enemies’ flash, EMP, and stun statuses are less effective on you.
  • Spotter – you can see enemies’ gear, killstreaks, and upgrades through visual obstruction as well as mark them.

Now that you’ve got our Modern Warfare perks multiplayer guide, and some information about what each perk does, you should be able to make those informed choices when it comes to your loadout in multiplayer. Need a hand with anything else on the battlefield? Check out some other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stuff that we’ve put out:

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