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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 – Upcoming Patch Guide

by Ginny Woo

It feels like only yesterday that a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch reared its head. Well, it’s been a bit of a week, and we reckon it’s a pretty good sign that Infinity Ward are keeping up with their new prodigal son. Check out what we know about Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 that’s supposedly meant to be out later on this week.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 – Upcoming Patch Guide

So, as we’ve mentioned, the latest news from the Infinity Ward camp on Modern Warfare after Patch 1.06 is that they’re going to push through another update which will address a number of small changes. If you’re curious about what sort of fixes exactly, it looks like players can look forward to more changes to how claymores work, more stability improvements, general bug fixes, weapon balance changes, and footsteps. 

Those who have familiarized themselves with the Modern Warfare Patch 1.06 patch notes will recognize quite a few items on that list. Specifically, we’re talking changes to claymore interaction, stability as to performance on various platforms, and footsteps. While the previous patch was dealing with the audio implications of footsteps in particular, and patch 1.06 affected the interactions that claymores would have with stun grenades, it’s not quite clear how Modern Warfare Patch 1.07 will address those two points in particular. Could they be walking back some of the adjustments for third person footsteps? It’s not been confirmed yet at this stage, but we anticipate that Infinity Ward will release updated patch notes after this update has been implemented. 

Now that you’ve got your hands on what we know about Modern Warfare Patch 1.07, hopefully any issues that you’ve been experiencing are going to be addressed. Do you need some help with another part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Check out these guides that we’ve put together so that you can jump into the fun as quickly as possible:

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