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Modern Warfare Gunsmith System Guide – What Is It?

by Ginny Woo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a bunch of ways to enhance the killing experience, and chief amongst them is probably the Gunsmith system. If you want to truly make sure that you’re gunning people down with maximum efficiency, then this new addition to the game will be your first port of call, for sure. Check out our Modern Warfare Gunsmith system guide if you’re a total beginner and wanna learn the ropes.

Modern Warfare Gunsmith System Guide – What Is It?

If you’re wondering how this works, we’ll break it down to basics for you. Gunsmithing is a new system that will let you customize various parts of your weapon:

  • The Laser – affects how accurate you are when you’re firing from the hip
  • The Muzzle – you can equip silencers, barrels, and flash guards
  • The Optic – this affects holo sights, reflex, and Red Dot optic add-ons
  • The Perk – these are like multiplayer Perks and can affect things like bullet penetration and status effects
  • The Rear Grip – affects weapon stability
  • The Stock – affects stability and precision
  • The Underbarrel – affects foregrips

You also have the ability to change what your gun looks like. Yes, we’re talking cosmetics. There are camo skins, reticle colors, charms, and stickers that you can put on your weapon to distinguish it from other people’s killing machines. 

You can customize the Primary Weapons in your loadouts, and you do this from editing each individual loadout. Yes, you can have a gun outfit roster if you wish, just because being in the middle of an active warzone doesn’t mean that you can abandon all sartorial sensibilities and expect things to turn out okay. We know that these costumes don’t affect your performance in-game, but you know what, confidence never worked out badly for anyone in a PvP scenario so we’re not going to say that dressing up doesn’t help.

Now that you’ve got our beginner’s guide to the Modern Warfare Gunsmith system, it should be easy for you to crack into it yourself and start figuring out works best for you! We definitely recommend mix-matching the perks and ensuring that you’ve got the right modifications to things like the Stock and the Rear Grip to make up for the offensive choices that you’re making. Need a hand with anything else in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Check these guides out:

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