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Modern Warfare August 20 Weapon Changes

by Lucas White

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been having a little bit of a rough time lately. The player base is still plenty active, but folks have been having to maneuver around various bugs, glitches, and exports. These issues cropped up around the launch of Season 5, and some of them after a few initial patches. The biggest problem was the FAMAS shotgun, which was threatening to totally upend the game’s balance. A new patch is out, and the developers have not only addressed the FAMAS, but addressed a couple of other weapons with much-needed nerfs and buffs.

Modern Warfare August 20 Weapon Changes Patch Notes

The FAMAS shotgun wasn’t overpowered by design; rather it was overtaking the game due to a bug that was causing one-shot kills, even from long distances. Specific builds oriented around the bug were even deadlier, such as against fully-armored players in Warzone. This was all related to an underbarrel attachment. That issue has been fixed, along with a slight cap or “clamped” to close range lethality.

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Another weapon that had been overtaking the Modern Warfare and Warzone metagame was the Bruen MK9, a machine gun that was simply spitting out too much damage with not enough drawback. So, the team at Infinity Ward reduced torso damage, increased the gun’s base recoil, and added an additional recoil increase to the Bruen’s 60 Round Mag attachment all in an attempt to make it a little less OP.

The 725 Sawed-off was also nerfed some, making it tankier by increasing ADS, lowering movement speed, and lowering lethal damage range. These are categorized as “small” changes, so here we’re just seeing little weaks.

Finally, the buffs in this update came to the ISO SMG, which is one of the new weapons you can get on the Season 5 Battle Pass. While the ISO does have noticeable reload speed, it underperformed in many other areas. So the ISO reduced the movement speed penalty on drum mag attachments, as well as boosting the weapons base ADS and movement speed. 

While we’re still a bit concerned about the deadly pillar over in the Verdansk Stadium, these changes were among some of the more needed to help out the moment to moment game balance. The FAMAS issue is hopefully gone entirely, while the other, smaller tweaks should help players consider more options.Time will tell if those changes are enough, though!

Are you glad to see the FAMAS issue supposedly fixed so quickly? How do you feel about the Bruen nerfs or the ISO bump? Are there any other problems you’re hoping are addressed in the next patch? Let us know what you’re thinking over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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