Modern Warfare 3: Tac-Stance Explained

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Modern Warfare 3 Tac-Stance
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Each new Call of Duty tends to bring in a fresh movement mechanic, which happens to be the Tac-Stance in Modern Warfare 3. This stance will be familiar to anyone who used canted lasers in MW2. However, there are some extra benefits and anyone can make use of them in the game. Here’s Tac-Stance in Modern Warfare 3, explained.

How to Use Tac-Stance in MW3

Tac-Stance can be activated by pressing down on the D-pad when you are aiming down sights or if you ADS in the middle of a combat slide. Once you activate the stance, your weapon is held semi-sideways in a middle ground between ADS and hipfire. You can even aim in to make the stance a bit more accurate.

Tac-Stance MW3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

However, it still functions as any hipfire weapon would. There is plenty of spread and I don’t recommend trying to use Tac-Stance anywhere beyond close-quarters fights. The purpose of the mechanic is to give you an alternative as you slide or for guns that have slow ADS times. Players who are struggling with standard aim might also want to take a look at the stance.

If you decide you want to dig into the Tac-Stance mechanic you can add attachments to your weapons that decrease the spread. I wouldn’t recommend building into this stat in MW3, but if you really want to try, it can come in handy when you’re sliding around.

Still, you’re much better off using a traditional slide cancel rather than the Tac-Stance. You will be able to aim in faster and with much more accuracy. Plus, you can use the Tactical Pads in the boots perk slot if you want to skip the stance entirely.

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