How to Get Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 3

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Dead Silence
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In the last Call of Duty game, footsteps were louder than gunshots, so you may be wondering how you can use Dead Silence to avoid that again in Modern Warfare 3. Unlike last year, silent footsteps aren’t part of the Field Upgrades section, but that means it’s much easier this time around. Here’s how to get Dead Silence in Modern Warfare 3.

How to Use Dead Silence in MW3

To use Dead Silence, you need to unlock the Covert Sneakers at level 27 and equip them in the boots slot. In Modern Warfare 3, perks are shown as equipment pieces like gloves and boots. Covert Sneakers is one of the many movement-based perks in the game and is perhaps the most important one aside from Tactical Pads.

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Covert Sneakers will make your footsteps virtually impossible to hear. I’m sure at some point PC players will find a way to use loudness EQ to boost the sound for steps around the map. Until then, Dead Silence is a fantastic way to stay out of enemy headsets. Movement around the map will feel much more free as a result.

Last year, the Dead Silence Field Upgrade was one of the last things in the unlock track. While you have to wait for Covert Sneakers in MW3, it’s only until level 27. The boots perk slot has some of the most high-value bonuses in the game, so it can be hard to choose one. But I can’t stress enough how important silent footsteps are.

To make finding the Covert Sneakers a bit easier, there is a ninja icon in the top left corner of the item. Nearly all of the perks in the game have small logos that present the classic image most players recognize. If you are ever looking for a missing perk just pay attention to the logos.

Once you have the perks you need, check out my guide on the best Striker loadout in Modern Warfare 3.

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