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MLB 15: The Show – How to Manage Emotions

by Prima Games Staff

MLB 15: The Show is currently available for PS4, PS3 and Vita, and fans can enjoy one of Sony’s greatest sports games, with several new additions that make the franchise better than ever.

One of those key features is player emotion. This plays a vital role in how a person reacts on the field, no matter the position. Things could take a turn for the worse if he gets rattled on the mound, for example, or experiences self-doubt at the plate. 

The first warning sign is a costly error. These could be small, such as an outfielder missing an easy catch on a pop fly, or a pitcher throwing a wild pitch that scores a run. These can add up and eventually make the player lose confidence in his performance.

That said, it’s extremely important to manage emotions. Here are the best ways to do that.


Once the other team takes several bases or scores some runs, you’ll notice a lack of accuracy in the pitches, resulting in more balls. This is a big problem. 

There is one of two things you can do. The first involves trying to calm the pitcher down and sticking with basic pitches like fastballs, as opposed to curveballs. Although it’s more likely these will end up in the batting zone, they could also result in strikes and possibly even strikeouts. 

However, if that doesn’t work, there’s always the more drastic measure of pulling the pitcher and replacing him with someone else from the bullpen. As discouraging a move as this may seem, it’s important, because the last thing you want to do when your team lags behind is have it fall apart even further. Besides, it’ll give that pitcher a chance to rest. 


Batters have a better time keeping their emotions in check at the plate, although performance can and will affect their numbers. This is particularly true with big hitters who struggle with clearing the fences or continuously hit fouls.

The best thing you can do in this situation? Attempt to hit the ball with a contact swing. While  not the most successful tactic for power hitters, it’s still effective, and also provides an opportunity to send a grounder into the outfield. This would result in taking a base and regaining confidence for the next time this player’s at bat. 

Make sure you keep an eye on the ball. If you prefer, you can adjust the difficulty sliders in the settings so the ball goes over the plate more often. Pros probably won’t go that route, but those who want to get more practice with their batting should give this a try. 

Fielders and Baserunners 

Finally, fielders are probably most prone to errors. In fact, if they screw up a catch or mistime a throw, it’ll be shown in the final score of the game, right next to hits and runs. It’s important to keep them as close to fly balls as you possibly can, just for the sake of making the catch, and if needed, throwing a ball to home to avoid a go-ahead run. 

In this situation, we recommend turning on auto-fielding. That doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do, as you may still need to guide a player towards the direction of the pop fly so he can catch it. It’s simpler than manual catching, though, and provided he’s at the proper skill level, you should have no problem grabbing the ball. 

Even if you miss a ball, you shouldn’t let it get the better of you. Try to shake it off and make up for your mistake the next time around. Sometimes, all it takes is a key play to bring an outfielder back to form, especially during the playoffs. 

As for base running, you’ll want to avoid mistakes. Not only could these cost you runs by getting tagged out, but they can also leave a player questioning himself when it comes to stealing a base or going for home plate when the situation calls for it. Keep an eye on where a ball is hit after a batter makes a play, and make sure you distance yourself properly to avoid getting tagged out. If you see a chance to go for home, take it – and don’t be afraid to get a little rough-and-tumble with the catcher. Sometimes that’s all you need to score and keep a player’s confidence from dropping. 

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