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MLB 15: The Show – Franchise Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

MLB 15: The Show includes a number of classic and new features that make it one of the most well-rounded sports games in history. We’ve been covering this title extensively, and today we’re looking at the highly coveted Franchise Mode.

In this mode, you’ll guide one of the many Major League Baseball teams to championship immortality. Of course, running a baseball team can be tricky, especially if you’re used to casually playing games, but it’s a rewarding experience for the most passionate fans.

With that in mind, these tips will help you run a successful team.

Free Agency and Using Scouts

When it comes to managing a team, make sure to fill the gaps in the lineup. After all, if you don’t have a complete roster, you are bound to run into trouble. You want to shop around and find the best players for the job.

There’s a free agency market where you can look at potential players and see what kind of skills they could bring to your team. Sometimes you’ll need to do a little digging, or rely on scouts to provide some important info.

When it comes to scouts who are looking for open players, keep an eye on all the markets; this includes International as well as the Central, West and East. Sometimes you’ll need to bring in new ones to do the job more efficiently, but as a result, they’ll find the best talent. Keep a close eye on what your scouts say, even if you’re doing well over the course of the season. Odds are you may be able to do better, especially in time for the playoffs.

Finally, be sure to emphasize where your team needs skills the most. It seems that pitching is a hot item when it comes to making a squad perform efficiently, as the right pitchers can get the outs needed to make the innings move forward and give your team the win. That said, it never hurts to shop for a power batter or two. Take a look at what the market has to offer.

Training to Keep Your Players Maintained

When it comes to training, you don’t want to overwork a player, but you also don’t want him slacking off. Keep an eye on your overall team performance and see where things need improvement. For instance, if an outfielder is having a tough time grabbing pop flys that head his way, have him work on his fielding so he gets better.

The key involves finding the right training for the right player. After all, if you put them in training they don’t need, that’s a waste of both your time and theirs. Selecting the “Not Training” option and then moving the option back is a good move, as the right training tool will then be automatically selected for them. They’ll get aligned with the training they need to improve and do better during the next contest.

You don’t always need to take the automatic training route, though. Sometimes to get a player going in the right direction, you’ll want to manually take them through their drills. Doing this indicates that you’re willing to take the time to assure that you care about your team, while at the same time providing a break from all the numbers. Partake in drills whenever you can.

Full Control or Just One Team

Finally, one unique option in Franchise Mode is being able to manage one team at a time or tackling all 30. Seasoned pros who played The Show before will no doubt dive back into commissioner mode, but there’s a lot that has to be soaked in when it comes to mastering it.

First, you cannot do it yourself if you’re just getting started. There is a ton to balance, between talent needs, scouts and more. What you’ll want to do is take advantage of roster control and trading with the CPU, because that provides you the guidance needed to balance day-to-day while at the same time keeping an eye on things so that there isn’t that much unhappiness.

You’re going to run into issues, so if you are tackling the 30-team option for the first time, adjust the difficulty accordingly. This will help you with certain decisions or making things work within your schedule, as well as with the draft and other trading options. Otherwise you’re likely to get overwhelmed, and frustration could set in.

If you’re just getting started with Franchise Mode, choose one team. You’ll get the business basics you need to understand about baseball in this mode, and once you get through a season or two, you’ll become skilled enough to take on a bigger responsibility. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eventually risk becoming a commissioner, because it can be rewarding, but just make sure you’re prepared for it.

Good luck, and enjoy your new management role!

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