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MLB 15: The Show – Batting and Base-Stealing Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday we covered some of the basics for MLB 15: The Show, including how to pitch like a pro and get your runners into scoring position. Today we step into the batter’s box and teach you how to steal bases.

Swing, Batter!

When you first step to the plate in MLB 15: The Show, you’ll notice you have three ways to hit the ball. The first is the bunt. This is a tactic you won’t use that often, and is best reserved for players who aren’t power hitters, willing to give up the out so one of the runners can advance. Use this when trying to score a run later in the game, or if you’re absolutely sure you won’t achieve great distance on a ball with the current batter. You’ll see how well they do at the plate based on their statistics.

The other types of contact are both swings. The contact swing guarantees your best chance of hitting the ball, although you probably won’t get great distance out of it unless you have a power hitter at the plate. This is a good thing, though, as a contact hit is likely to roll into the outfield between players and give you the chance to take an additional base. That’s not to say you’re assured a hit every time, as sometimes a pop fly or infield hit will result in you being tagged out anyway. That’s where batting direction is important. Before you swing the bat, you’ll be able to use the left analog stick to try and direct where you want the ball to go.

The power swing allows you to put some distance on the ball, but it’s best reserved for high-ranking players that can belt one out of the park. Again, there are no guarantees, as you can easily hit a pop fly or send one down the first base line to a waiting player. Try to influence your swing towards the left or right field with a power swing, using the left analog stick. This assures you’ll at least be able to get it into the outfield, so even if the ball is caught, you can advance a runner to home (or second or third).

With the power swing, you stand the best chance of belting a home run. It just depends how well you hit the pitch. The key to successful batting involves watching the ball as it goes all the way down the baseline. If it appears to sail out of bounds, try to hold off on your swing as much as possible.

However, if it comes down the baseline, remember that contact is everything. The closer the ball is to the upper end of the bat, the more distance you’re likely get. You’ll be able to practice your swings beforehand, if you prefer, so you can perfect your swing.

Stealing Bases

We already covered most of the base-running tips with our previous article, but this will take you through the process of stealing bases. Sometimes it can make all the difference in scoring that crucial run – or it can lead to an easy out, if you’re clumsy.

When it comes to base-stealing, keep an eye on the ball’s location. If you think a hitter will send the ball deep enough into the outfield, you have the distance needed to take a base. However, if it’s infield stay put, because the AI or opposing player will easily hurl the ball to the base and tag you out well before you reach it.

In addition, make sure you position the runner a decent distance from the base. Don’t go too far off that you’ll be easily tagged or have to make a run for it. A few steps away should be good, but you can press the trigger buttons on your controller to motion them closer or further.

Catcher flubs are your best opportunity for advancing before the ball is hit. This will occasionally happen when someone drops the ball or the pitcher throws it so far from the base that it hits the back fence. In this scenario don’t think, make a run for it. The only time you probably shouldn’t do this is running for home since the ball is in the general area.

In fact, stealing home is an incredibly gutsy move, and only reserved for when you know the time is right. If a ball goes too far into the outfield, or you feel that a catcher is taking too much time with ball recovery, it never hurts to give it a shot. However, when the pitcher has the ball and is about to throw, stay close to your base..

Finally, when a ball is in play, make sure you don’t get too greedy rounding the bases. You’ll be able to control runners using the analog stick. Pace yourself with base-running and watch for opportunities. Then watch the runs add up!

Improve your baseball skills with Prima’s MLB 15: The Show tips and tricks.

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