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Minecraft: How to Tame a Horse

by Andrew Smith

There are a lot of areas to explore in Minecraft, and doing so on foot can take up a lot of time, so why not try a horse? Well, if you’ve tried getting on a horse in the game, you’ll know it’s not that easy, but it is possible. So,  in this guide, we are going to explain how to tame a horse in Minecraft, so you can spend less time walking around and more time riding. Yeehaw!

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

The art of learning how to tame a horse in Minecraft is mostly one of repetition. Simply put, to tame the horse, you’ll need to continue to try and ride it until it eventually bonds with you. The first time you get on a horse, it’ll buck you off, but don’t take it personally. Simply get up, and continue trying to ride the horse. Every time you get back on the same horse, it’ll allow you to sit on its back a little bit longer, and eventually, hearts will appear on the screen, which means you have tamed the horse.

With your new trusty companion, you’ll be able to explore all of the areas that Minecraft has to offer much faster. Further, once the horse is tamed, players can put a saddle on it to control it better. Unfortunately, saddles cannot be crafted in Minecraft and are most commonly found by fishing, searching dungeons chests, or searching Nether Fortress chests. It’s also worth noting that saddles can be used to ride other animals in the game as well, like a donkey, for example.

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If your horse happens to get injured and lose health, you can feed it a couple of different items to help it regain its health. Common items like sugar, wheat, and apples will restore a few bars of health, while rarer items like enchanted golden apples and hay bales will increase health by a lot. If you’re taking your horse into dangerous situations on a regular basis, you may want to consider finding it some armor. Similar to the saddle, this armor cannot be crafted, but can be found in dungeon and Nether Fortress chests.

If you’re worried about losing your horse, you can also breed your trusty steed by taming two horses, putting them in a fenced area together, and feeding them either golden apples, golden carrots, or enchanted golden apples.

As you can see, there is a lot to know if you plan to tame a horse in Minecraft. Owning a pet might not always be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end. If you need more help with Minecraft, we have tons of great guides on our website that should help you out. Below you’ll find links to some of our more recent coverage.

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