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Minecraft: How to Make Smooth Stone

by Andrew Smith

If you’re planning to build a house anytime soon in Minecraft, you’re going to need a lot of different materials. If you want an item that won’t take up a lot of resources and looks really nice, you might want to consider crafting some smooth stones. In this guide, we are going to give you a quick rundown of how to make smooth stones in Minecraft.

How to Craft Smooth Stones in Minecraft

While they function the same as regular stones, smooth stones are great if you want to add a little bit of character to your house. Plus, since they’re super easy to make, you won’t have to waste much time making them. To make a smooth stone in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items.

  • Furnace
  • Coal 
  • Cobblestone

If you don’t have any of the above items, we’ll give you a quick rundown explaining how to find them. To start, you’ll be able to find coal and cobblestone fairly easily in any underground area. Blocks of coal have little black specs in them, while cobblestone blocks are simply gray. The last thing you’ll need to get started with making coal is a furnace. Thankfully, you can craft a furnace with eight pieces of cobblestone at a Crafting Table.

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Alright, so you’ve got the furnace, coal, and cobblestone in your inventory now, woohoo! You’re ready to make some smooth stones! To craft smooth stones in Minecraft, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your furnace
  2. Place coal in the bottom section
  3. Place cobblestone in the top section
  4. Move the smooth stone into your inventory

There you have it! If you have some extra coal and cobblestone, just throw it into the furnace and let it do its thing. You can even leave and come back to it later to collect your smooth stones. As you can see, this process is easily repeatable and won’t take much time at all. 

Aside from decorations, smooth stone can also be used to craft smooth stone slabs and blast furnaces. If you’re not familiar with it, a blast furnace is pretty similar to a regular furnace except it’s able to smelt materials with half the experience and twice as fast. As you can see, it’s not a necessity, but if you’re planning on smelting a lot of stuff in the near future, you might want to take the time to build one. 

While you’re waiting for your smooth stone to finish smelting, you can start on your next project. As we mentioned earlier, there is an abundance of different items to be crafted in Minecraft, below are some of our other Minecraft guides that we think you’ll like:

What do you plan on using your smooth stone for in Minecraft? Is there any use for it that we left out of our guide? Head on over to Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

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