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Minecraft Dungeons Items Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest entry in the fan-favorite franchise and allows players to enjoy a Diablo-like experience in the franchise’s unique universe. Those who dive into the world of this game can acquire different kinds of items that will help them defeat their enemies. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about these items and how they will help you in your adventures. 

Minecraft Dungeons Items

There is a total of three different kinds that players can acquire in this particular game. These three kinds of items are weapons, armor, and artifacts. Items can be picked up by players and come with randomized stats. The loot pieces also come in three rarities. These rarities are common, rare, and unique. 

Players will find that weapons are a kind of item that they can acquire and use to attack the monsters they will encounter during their adventures. Armor can be used by players to increase their defense power, which will help them stay alive longer in battle than if they did not use them. Artifacts are items that players can collect during their time playing, which can be used for various reasons such as a potion or the Totem of Shielding that protects players from projectile attacks. 

 Minecraft Dungeons Items

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Each item can also be salvaged in the world of the title to obtain Emeralds so that players can get valuable use even out of weapons, armor, and artifacts they do not necessarily need for when they play. 

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