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Memory Pursuit Destiny 2 Guide: Completing the Eris Morn Bounty

by Ginny Woo

Eris Morn bounties are the lifeblood of a lot of the post-campaign in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Whether it’s a quest that you’re wanting to pick up so that you can get a rare Exotic, or the fact that you’re just needing something to do while you kick around on the moon waiting for the next HIve invasion, Eris is the solution to your problems. Check out our Memory Pursuit Destiny 2 guide which will help you with this bounty.

Memory Pursuit Destiny 2 Guide: Completing the Eris Morn Bounty

Memory Pursuit is one of the weekly bounties that you can pick up from Eris Morn. If you’re on the hunt for the Deathbringer weapon, then this might start sounding a little familiar to you so we’d recommend that you perk those ears up. 

Part of Memory Pursuit requires you to have picked up an item called the Memory of Sai Mota. Finishing this bounty will require you to kill Nightmares to fill up a progress bar. The only types of kills that will count for Memory Pursuit will be kills that have been obtained using Arc abilities. As gathered, you can only get these kills in Nightmare Hunts so we would recommend knocking them out right quick. 

Once you’ve picked up the requisite number of kills for the Memory Pursuit Destiny 2 quest, your job (should you choose to accept it) is to take yourself back to Eris Morn. You’ll be rewarded with a chest for your efforts in completing this bounty, and it’s really just as easy as that.

Restoring the Memory of Sai Mota is actually one of the parts of the questline that you need to pick up Deathbringer, so after you’ve carried on with that, opening the chest will prompt you to pick up a quest. Follow that chain to the end with our helpful guide on defeating High Conductor Sulmakta and completing all the necessary objectives if you want that Exotic. If it’s another weapon that’s caught your fancy, then we also have a guide on how to get the Monte Carlo.

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