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Mega Glalie Pokémon GO Raid – Weaknesses & Counters

Another face for your mega collection.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Mega Glalie

With the arrival of the 2022 Winter Holiday event, players can look forward to taking down a brand new Mega in Pokémon GO. For the first time, Mega Glalie will appear in Mega Raids for the remainder of December. That gives Trainers plenty of time to get the enhanced version of the Face Pokémon.

However, Megas always pose a threat to Trainers and they aren’t exactly easy to take down. Aside from needing a sizable team of four or more Trainers in most cases, it’s important to have some powerful counters and weaknesses tailored to Mega Glalie. In our guide, we’ll go over the best counters possible so you can collect as much energy as possible.

Pokémon GO – Mega Glalie Weaknesses and Counters

As you might’ve guessed, the most prominent weakness for Mega Glalie in Pokémon GO is a Fire-type pick. Next to Fire, you’ll find that plenty of Fight-types is nearly as good or on par in terms of damage. Below you can find eight of the best counters for Glalie that are a mix of Fire, Fighting, and Steel-type Pokémon.

  • Charizard – Fire Spin (Fast) and Blast Burn (Charged)
  • Terrakion – Double Kick (Fast) and Sacred Sword (Charged)
  • Blaziken – Counter (Fast) and Blast Burn (Charged)
  • Entei – Fire Fang (Fast) and Overheat (Charged)
  • Metagross – Bullet Punch (Fast) and Meteor Mash (Charged)
  • Keldeo – Low Kick (Fast) and Sacred Sword (Charged)
  • Ho-Oh – Incinerate (Fast) and Sacred Fire+ (Charged)
  • Houndoom – Fire Fang (Fast) and Flamethrower (Charged)

Each of the options on this list is better when you have a Shadow or a Mega form. For example, both Mega Blaziken and Shadow Entei will do far more damage than their standard counterparts. But if you don’t have those Megas or Shadows, each of these picks remains a solid option and their moves are exactly the same.

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Rock-types are a fourth option, such as Rampardos, if you don’t have anything listed above. However, they don’t contribute as much as the initial three types we discussed. Regardless, best of luck in adding Mega Glalie to your Pokémon GO Mega collection.

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