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The Medium | Install Size, Preload and Unlock Times

by Morgan Shaver

The Medium, Bloober Team’s latest horror game, is scheduled to release on January 28. On that day, it’ll be available through Xbox Game Pass, which has many Xbox owners excited as they’ll be able to jump right in and start playing as long as they have a Game Pass subscription.

Of course, this leads to questions in regards to when you can preload The Medium, what the installation size is on Xbox and PC, and when the game will officially unlock.

To help prepare you for the game’s upcoming release, we’ve put together a quick guide going over the installation size, preload, and unlock times for The Medium.

The Medium | Install Size, Preload and Unlock Times

If you’re looking forward to playing The Medium, we have some good news for you as the game is available to preload right now on both Xbox and PC. By preloading the game, you’ll be able to jump in and play as quickly as possible once the game unlocks. 

As for when that is, The Medium is scheduled to unlock at midnight your local time on January 28. In the event you don’t preload the game before it unlocks at midnight on January 28, the next question you’ll likely have is in regards to installation size.

Naturally, the larger the file, the longer it takes to download. We have good news about this as well, as the install size isn’t too large and shouldn’t take too long to download. On Xbox, the installation size is 23.07 GB. On PC, it’s 24.47 GB. 

Note that the amount of time it’ll take you to install The Medium will depend on your internet speeds. To save yourself any sort of a wait, we highly recommend preloading The Medium before midnight on January 28 given that preloads are available.

To recap, The Medium will unlock at midnight your local time on January 28. You can preload the game right now on Xbox and PC with the Xbox install size sitting at 23.07 GB and 24.47 GB on PC.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the game will be available as part of Game Pass the day of its release. 

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