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Maxitrillion Borderlands 3 Guide: Loot and Strategy

by Ginny Woo

With Rare Spawn Week running in Borderlands 3 for almost another week, you’ve got Vault Hunters queuing up to take out some of the baddest enemies in the game for a chance at some Legendary loot. For those not in the know, this is part of Borderlands’ tenth-year anniversary celebration event, and it means that certain foes have an increased chance to drop pretty cool stuff. Check out our Maxitrillion Borderlands 3 guide to defeat this bad boy and for our reasoning on why you might want to farm him.

Maxitrillion Borderlands 3 Guide: The Horizon Legendary Shotgun

Maxitrillion is a bit of a strange one, but we’d still recommend taking the time and effort to put them in the dirt because of the potential reward: The Horizon. This is a Legendary shotgun that, like all other cool weapons, can inexplicably be found anywhere in the overworld that loot might hide. We’re talking the usual suspects here: ramshackle huts, the insides of dead foes, public toilets and more. However, because of Rare Spawn Week, Maxitrillion has an increased chance to drop The Horizon which ostensibly makes him a more savory option if you don’t want to totally leave your loot fate up to RNG.

The Horizon is a Tediore weapon and the reason why we reckon it’s a good pick-up is because of its special weapon effect “You can’t leave. She won’t let you.” – when you throw The Horizon, you can shoot it to create a singularity that explodes. Unfortunately, this will also do damage to you but if you want a slightly less risky play, leave the discarded weapon alone and it’ll target an enemy to explode on. It’s technically a win-win situation!

Maxitrillion Borderlands 3 Guide: Strategy

Alright, now that you’re convinced that The Horizon is a good pick-up, here comes the hard part: actually defeating Maxitrillion. We already have a guide up on how to find him, so check that out before you skip to the good bit below.

Maxitrillion is a bit of a pain because staying at range might be lethal to you: he deflects bullets. Our tip would be to not shoot at all while he’s in Beyblade mode. Instead, wait until he’s not a whirling dervish and close the gap; he’ll wind up for a melee attack which will give you an opening to deliver a similarly forceful one of your own or to blow bits of him off with a close-range weapon / ability. All you have to do is keep waiting out and creating opportunities like that and you’ll whittle him down. If you’re lucky, he’ll drop The Horizon, which is your reason for tracking him down in the first place!

Now that you’ve got our Maxtrillion Borderlands 3 guide to hand, farming this boss during Rare Spawn Week should be a piece of cake. Need help with anything else? You can find our guide on pursuing Borman Nates here.

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