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A Matter of Time Destiny 2 Quest Guide – The Sundial

by Ginny Woo

If you haven’t yet unlocked the Sundial yet in the Season of Dawn in Destiny 2, then what are you waiting for? It’s going to become central to your pursuit of the story and of loot, but to do so, you’ll have to take care of some incredibly pesky work running around to repair Obelisks. Here’s our guide to the A Matter of Time Destiny 2 quest that will help get the Sundial playlist up and running.

A Matter of Time Destiny 2 Quest Guide – The Sundial

Your first task is going to be talking to Osiris at the Sundial Spire on Mercury. This will then give you the quest step called Recovery Operation. We’ve detailed that and all the other quest steps below if you’re having a little trouble completing everything. 

Recovery Operation

You’ll want to take yourself to the Tangled Shore to find the obelisk that requires attending to. To get the parts that you need, you have to kill Cabal enemies. We would recommend that you do this with Solar weapons so that you can pick up the loot faster.


Now, your job is to make sure that whatever you looted off the Cabal is taken back to the obelisk on the Tangled Shore – do not bring the materials back to Osiris. 

Light Collection

Much like the Keeping Time quest, you’re going to have to collect some Light to fuel the obelisk. To do this, just get rid of enemies using your Super and your other abilities. Pick up enough orbs (with the help of Masterwork weapons if you want this to go quicker) and you’ll be able to complete the next part of the quest which just involves turning said orbs in to the obelisk.

Timeline Stabilization

You can now interact with the Obelisk here on the Shore like a little quest hub. You’ll be able to pick up bounties from the Obelisk, and you’ll be able to collect and use Polarized Practalines to get more out of it: leveling up the Resonance Rank of the Obelisk will allow you access to extra bounties.

A Missing Link

Now, you can link Obelisks to the Sundial, and linking different Obelisks will change the rewards that you’ll be able to get. Our advice would be to be firm on the loot that you’re wanting before you link these Obelisks in order to have the optimal gear performance when it comes to the rewards from the Sundial. 

After you’ve visited Osiris at the conclusion of that, you’ll be able to access the Sundial playlist and it’ll be available to you as a rotation thanks to you completing the A Matter of Time Destiny 2 quest. We’d recommend that you’re at 850 Power to take this one on for the best results with this Seasonal activity.

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