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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Making An Impression Side Quest, Kill Architects

by Josh Hawkins

After you enter the vault on Eos and establish your first colony, additional side quests that you can complete will begin to appear around the game’s world. Making an Impression is one of these side quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and can be picked up in Prodromos, the Eos outpost that you establish for the Nexus. The mission itself is pretty straight forward, but we put together this article to help you complete Making an Impression in Mass Effect: Andromeda without hitting any hitches.

How to Complete Making an Impression

As we stated above, completing this side quest is very simple. Once you accept it, a Navpoint will be added to your map. Head to this area in the Nomad, take out the Kett surrounding it, and then place the first Seismic Hammer. Once the hammer goes off, several Remnant will emerge from the ground, and you’ll need to take them out.

Next up it’s time to head to the location of the second Seismic Hammer. Head to the new Navpoint on your map, only to find a group of humans here. Speak with them to learn that they are from the nation, Advent, and that they are in this area looking for water, as their water levels have been steadily dropping. Agree to cut a deal with them if you find gas instead of water, and he’ll show you where the hammer is.

Now it’s time to make a choice. You can either:

A: drill for water

B: drill for gas

No matter which choice you make here, Prodromos will get what they need, and you can move on.

With the second hammer placed, and the Remnant that spawn defeated, you’ll be given a third Navpoint to go out to. This is where you’ll need to place the third Seismic Hammer. Upon doing this a massive Remnant called an Architect will rise out of the ground.

How to Kill Architects

While this isn’t the only Architect that you’ll encounter around the Andromeda galaxy, it’s most likely your first. Use the information that we’ve included below to take it down and complete this mission.

First off, know that Architects are dangerous, and these battles compare to those of the High Dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you’re a low lever character, you may have trouble completing this fight without dying quite a few times. If you continue to struggle too much, back away and revisit it later with a higher-level character.

Now, on to the good stuff.

To kill an Architect you’re going to have to first take out its head conduit, which is locked behind a set of protective shielding. This shielding drops when you bring one of the Architect’s three legs down to 50% health. Once the shielding drops, attack the Architect with everything that you have.

After dealing around 25% of damage to the core, the Architect’s shielding will move back into place, and it will move to another position on the battlefield.

A couple of things to keep in mind when fighting Architects:

Destroying its leg entirely will cause it to reposition and release an EMP blast, destroying any mechanized Remnant in the area.

Failing to damage it enough during a phase will cause more Remnant to spawn, which will hinder your battle efficiency.

Each time a new phase begins, any allies in your party that were knocked down will be immediately revived and pulled back into the battle.

Legs can easily be destroyed by using items like Incendiary Ammo or Sticky Omni Grenades.

Always try to take the leg down to below 50% health, or destroy it completely within 30 seconds of a new phase beginning.

Use a weapon like a Sniper rifle to deal large amounts of damage to the Architect’s core when its shielding is removed.

You’ll usually be able to move around the arena and find more ammunition and health drops around the area. Keep an eye out whenever you can, and try to stay in cover as much as possible when the Architect is trying to attack.

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