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Marvel’s Spider-Man Suit Guide | Unlock Conditions and Suit Powers

by Lucas White

For years, one of the best parts of any Spider-Man game has been the unlockable, alternate costumes. As Spider-Man lore continues, the opportunities for more videogame suit unlocks only grow. Insomniac Games has really crushed it with Marvel’s Spider-Man, with over 40 different unlockable suits for ol’ Spidey.

You have your work cut out for you to unlock them all, but there are several freebies too. If you’re playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, you even get the DLC suits included in the package, along with the most recent suit additions.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Suit Guide | Unlock Conditions and Suit Powers

There are multiple categories for Spider-Man’s suits, so we’ve sorted them by their unlocking method. The vast majority you’ll be able to earn just by playing the game normally. There are a few “secret” suits, and a big chunk of DLC as well.

Some of that DLC is free, some of it requires the actual DLC packs. Of course, if you’re playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, you get everything for free. Good deal!

First, the level suits. Each of these suits sports a level and resource requirement, and each one also grants Spider-Man a new Suit Power.

If you aren’t super familiar with the Spider-Man comics universe(s) we don’t want to spoil you with images, although they’re out there if you want to look for them. Here goes: 

Level Suits


Advanced Suit: Level 3 

Tokens: 1x Backpack 2x Crime

Power: Battle Focus – “Hybrid biomembrane rapidly generates Focus for a short time”

Classic Suit (Repaired): Level 3 

Tokens: 2x Backpack 2x Crime

Power: Web Blossom – “Leap into the air and web everything in sight”

 Noir Suit: Level 3

Tokens: 2x Backpack 1x Base

Power: Sound of Silence – “Enemies no longer call for backup when alerted”

Scarlet Spider Suit: Level 4

Tokens: 3x Crime 2x Landmark

Power: Holo Decoy – “Experimental AR tech spawns multiple Holo Decoys that stun attacking enemies before decaying”

Spider Armor MK II Suit: Level 5

Tokens: 1x Base 1x Landmark 2x Research

Power: Bullet Proof – “Magnetically polarized armor plating makes suit temporarily bullet-proof against all enemies, even snipers”

Secret War Suit: Level 7

Tokens: 2x Backpack 1x Base 2x Research

Power: Arms Race – “Discharges amplified EMP build-up to stun enemies and disable their weapons”

Stark Suit: Level 9

Tokens: 1x Base 3x Crime 1x Research

Power: Spider-Bro – “Calls in a Spider-Bro to temporarily aid in combat”

Negative Suit: Level 11

Tokens: 1x Base 2x Landmark 1x Research

Power: Negative Shockwave – Synchronizes nano-mesh particles to unleash a devastating wave of negative energy”

Electrically Insulated Suit: Level 13

Tokens: 1x Base 3x Crime 1x Research

Power: Electric Punch – “Kit bashed high-discharge capacitators temporarily electrify gauntlets, electrifying enemies”

Spider-Punk Suit: Level 16

Tokens: 2x Backpack 3x Crime 2x Landmark

Power: Rock Out – “Blasts enemies with waves of righteous sound” 

Wrestler Suit: Level 19

Tokens: 2x Backpack 2x Base 2x Research

Power: King of the Ring – “Web Throw enemies without having to web them up”

Fear Itself Suit: Level 21

Tokens: 2x Base 3x Research 6x Challenge

Power: Quad Damage – “Assistive nano-musculature temporarily deals MASSIVE damage”

Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit: Level 23

Tokens: 2x Base 4x Challenge 3x Landmark

Power: Blur Projector – “Create a distortion field that can obscure you from non-alterted enemies’ vision”

Spider Armor MK III Suit: Level 26

Tokens: 2x Base 4x Challenge 4x Crime

Power: Titanium Alloy Plates – “Dynamic semi-liquid smart metal crystallizes to reflect all bullets, except for sniper rounds, back at shooters”

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit: Level 29

Tokens: 2x Base 4x Crime 4x Research

Power: Low Gravity – “Decrease gravity while in the air”

Iron Spider Suit: Level 31

Tokens: 3x Base 3x Challenge 4x Crime

Power: Iron Arms – “Wreak havoc with four articulated arms made from rapidly grown mono-atomic iron alloy crystal”

Velocity Suit: Level 33

Tokens: 2x Backpack 4x Challenge 2x Landmark

Power: Blitz – “Micro-gyros allow for faster sprinting, and real-time momentum-transfer knocks down enemies”

Spider Armor MK IV Suit: Level 35

Tokens: 4x Base 4x Challenge 3x Landmark

Power: Defense Shield – “Experimental magnetic waves generates an energy shield that temporarily absorbs al damage”

Spirit Spider Suit: Level 37

Tokens: 6x Base 6x Challenge 6x Crime

Power: Spirit Fire – “Channels unstable waves of damaging ethereal energy from … somewhere…”

Spider-Man 2099 White Suit: Level 39

Tokens: 4x Base 4x Challenge 4x Crime

Power: Concussion Strike – “Ventilated concussive technology temporarily sends enemies flying with every attack”

Vintage Comic Book Suit: Level 41

Tokens: 4x Backpack 4x Challenge 4x Crime

Power: Quips – “Insult your enemy’s pride”

Last Stand Suit: Level 45

Tokens: 20x Crime

Power: Unrelenting Fury – “Enemies cannot block or interrupt your attacks, even if they have shields”

Secret Suits


Unlock Condition: Complete all Main Missions, Side Missions, and District Completion

Power: Equalizer – “Everyone goes down in one hit, including you”

Homemade Suit (No Power)

Unlock Condition: Find all Backpacks

ESU Suit (No Power)

Unlock Condition: Find all Secret Photo Ops

Dark Suit  (No Power)

Unlock Condition: Complete all Black Cat Stakeouts

Anti-Ock Suit

Unlock Condition: Complete Main Story

Power: Resupply – “Distributed nano-mesh continuously refills current gadget’s shots”

Paid DLC Suits

Pack 1

  • Resilient Suit, Spider-UK, Scarlet Spider II

Pack 2

  • Spider Armor MK 1, Spider Clan, Iron Spider Armor

Pack 3

  • Into the Spider-Verse Suit, Cyborg Spider-Man Suit, Aaron Aikman Armor Suit 

Free DLC Suits (No Powers)


  • Webbed Suit (Raimi Trilogy)
  • Bombastic Bag-Man Suit
  • Future Foundation Suit
  • Upgraded Suit (MCU)
  • Stealth Suit (MCU)
  • Amazing Suit (Webb Film)
  • Arachnid-Rider Suit (Original)
  • Armored Advanced Suit (Original)

That’s all for now! As we’ve seen with those last three suits, we can never know for sure that Insomniac Games is done adding suits to this title. And there’s a whole new collection of suits to unlock in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales! So stay tuned for a guide on that as well once we get all those unlocked.

Until then, thanks for reading! Check out the site for more Spidey content, and look us up on the official Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels if you want to give us your own opinions or tips for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

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