Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Reveal All Tech Crates on Your Minimap

Upgrade to unlock more upgrades and upgrade your Spider-Men.

how to unlock all tech crates on minimap | spider-man 2
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There are collectibles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that don’t appear on the main map. One of these collectibles is the Tech Crates, which illuminate blue or gold/yellow when located. In this post, I’ll discuss what players must do to have Tech Crates in New York appear on their minimaps.

How to Reveal All Tech Crates on Your Minimap in Spider-Man

To reveal all Tech Crates on your mini map in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you need to reach a certain level, unlock the Suit Tech feature, and upgrade the Spider-Men Traversal Suit Tech.

When you unlock the sixth upgrade slot on the Traversal list, you will unlock the two upgrade options: All Seeing and Active Spider. Select the first option, All Seeing, and you’ll have all of the Tech Crates added to your minimap.

While you’re swinging around, you’ll notice on your mini map, in the bottom right-hand corner, there will be a grey box or a gold box. On the mini map, the gray box is a Tech Crate containing Tech Parts, while the gold box is a crate containing Rare Tech Parts.

These Tech Parts are scattered across the city and randomly pop up when you progress through the main story, but very early in the game. They are stashed on top of rooftops and next to buildings, sometimes in allies.


It’s best to search for these crates during the night. They illuminate bright blue and gold/yellow at night, which makes them easier to spot.

Some Tech Crates are also located inside the camouflaged Hunter Bases on rooftops. The total cost of the All-Seeing upgrade is 225 Tech Parts and six Hero Tokens. Districts are estimated to have between 20 and 30 units each.

Why Should You Unlock the All Seeing Tech Suit Upgrade Early in Spider-Man 2?

You should unlock the All Seeing Tech Suit upgrade in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 because it’s a great and efficient way to farm Tech Parts. It saves you time and rewards you kindly.

What are Tech Parts for in Spider-Man 2?

Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2 are important for your Spider-Mens’ progression in the game, leveling up, and upgrading gadgets. When you’re farming Tech Parts and completing side missions, you’ll unlock suits early, earn gadget upgrades quickly, and level up faster.

It’s a great way to progress without steering far off the main storyline, as you can collect them while on side missions or en route to one. The faster you upgrade your Spider-Men, the more you’ll be ready for big boss fights, which require upgrades.


Collecting all Tech Crates does not lead to any PlayStation trophies nor does it affect completing districts 100% but does help max out your Spider-Men before finishing the main story.

For these reasons, you must upgrade to All Seeing and reveal all Tech Crates in Marvel’s Spider-Man. If you’re looking for other ways to farm Tech Parts in Spider-Man, you can read: How to Get Rare Tech Parts and Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2.

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