Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Perch on Building Ledges

Perch on the ledge without worrying about falling off the roof.

How to Perch on Building Ledges | Spider-Man 2
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Learn how to walk up to a ledge on top of a building and perch without overjumping your target and falling off the building. In this guide, I’ll show you the easy trick to perch like a bird and stalk your prey.

How to Perch on Building Ledges in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To perch on a building ledge in Spider-Man 2, you must walk close to the ledge and press the left analog stick (L3). You’ll automatically go into a crouching position and perch on the ledge.

The other way to perch on a ledge is to web zip directly onto the ledge. However, in most cases, you’ll only be able to web zip to certain ledges that are marked with a target. It also only works best when you are far from the target.

When you are standing close to the ledge, you won’t be able to web zip to the ledge. This is where you’ll use L3 and perch on the ledge in front of you. This is a great way to start a stealth mission and station your Spider-Man above the enemy.

Using the L3 perch gives you the upper hand when scanning enemies on the ground. Another advantage is that you’ll be able to walk across the ledge without falling or detaching yourself from the ledge.

Although this is a feature you can use from the start of the game, it’s not something they let you know off the bat. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to be prompted to press L3, but it pops up less often than regularly.

It’s sometimes frustrating when you want to place your Spidey on the edge of a building but then overjump or perch on a spot that’s not helping the situation. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

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