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Marvel’s Avengers’ Weekly Content Loop

by Lucas White

Marvel’s Avengers, from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, is one of those games that’s going to need a lot of digital real estate to hold all its information. Between sussing out all of its different currencies, gear options, cosmetics, gameplay types, skill trees, so on and so forth, there’s a lot to digest with this game. Square Enix knows this, and has been releasing detailed information in big chunks. One such info dump comprises all the different kinds of ways you’ll be keeping up with Marvel’s Avengers, what with its live service-y framework. So in terms of its weekly content loop, here’s what you can expect from the game.

Marvel’s Avengers Content Breakdown

The most nebulous sort of play in Marvel’s Avengers will be Events. And if you’ve played any long-term game you’ll know why. These are the things you hear about the most even if you don’t play, due to things like goofy holiday-themed seasonal events, IP crossovers, etc. Marvel’s Avengers will have short-term and seasonal events, many of which will net participants items they can only get during those times.

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The next major content type here is Missions. This will be your primary mechanism for extending this game beyond its campaign, in terms of running with other players, character-building, and all the meta stuff. Modified Missions are the primary structure here, that offer a weekly rotation of Priority Missions and Priority HARM Challenges, that dole out rewards based on “an assortment of modifiers.” Then, post-launch will see new Mission types, one of which is a weekend-only co-op challenge, and another that challenges single players with a gauntlet-style challenge.

Factions are going to be a facet of Marvel’s Avengers, as you’ll interact with various groups from the Marvel universe. Two Faction examples are the Inhumans and SHIELD, both of which have their own Vendors, and provide daily and weekly Assignments. These are passive challenges, like Bounties in Destiny, that players can work on during normal play. Every week there will also be passive challenges the whole player base works on, called Community Challenges. If players complete these, everyone will receive a reward. For PlayStation players, Avengers will offer an exclusive Community Challenge every month.

Marvel’s Avengers also has weekly, daily, and hourly rotations for things like Vendor stock and Marketplace (premium) purchases. As time goes on, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics also plan to add new content, such as new Outposts (hub areas) and Operations (raids?). There’s also the Challenge Cards, which are a whole other can of worms (and article!). Do you think this is a solid content loop, readers? Is there anything missing? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!