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Marvel’s Avengers Beginner’s Guide

by Lucas White

Marvel’s Avengers is out for everyone, so now it’s time to really dive into this thing. Players around the world will be punching bad guys, collecting loot, building their heroes to their liking, and watching loading screens when they fall off a ledge. The gaming community is still figuring out how it feels about this game overall, although the vibes are more positive now than they were a week ago. That said, there may be some folks out there still on the fence about picking it up, and wondering about the basics.

Marvel’s Avengers Beginner’s Guide

We’re going to toss out a few fundamental principles to keep in mind while playing Marvel’s Avengers, to make sure you get yourself on the path to early success. Nobody likes wiping out in a team-based online game, especially one with longer combat sections. With that in mind, we’ve split up our beginner’s guide into a few blanket categories, and we’ll explain the basics under each. From there, you should be prepared to get the most out of your Avengers squad.

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We could get into all the combat basics here, or we could direct you to our beta-time combat basics guide. You can read that right here! This guide features a breakdown of the overarching basics of combat, and there’s nothing more important than fundamentals in any action game setting.

Dodging and Counters

We aren’t going to leave you high and dry with just a backlink, though! After spending more time with the game, we cannot stress enough how crucial getting your defensive options down is. Marvel’s Avengers is no Dark Souls, but like many classic brawlers, you can’t just mash the punch button and expect to make it through alive. You really need to focus on mastering the dodge, especially since there’s a different physicality to it depending on the character you’re playing. You also want to figure out how each hero’s right trigger counter works, and optimize your play around those moves. If you just jump into a crowd of enemies you’ll die fast, even if you’re the Hulk. Play smart!

Play the Campaign!

This one is pretty obvious, especially after the reception Marvel’s Avengers’ campaign is getting. It’s really well-written, and is especially cool as the whole story treats Kamala Khan as the protagonist. It’s cool to play as the Avengers, but also get the story from the perspective of an outsider. It really grounds the wacky superhero stuff, and the dialogue is also reined in compared to the zinger-laden movies, making the characters more relatable. It’s also your path to accessing multiplayer and all the playable characters. You won’t get the full squad of the six originals until the story is almost over!

Tactical Awareness

Like every other AAA game, Avengers has its own post-Arkham Detective Vision derivative. It’s very similar to Tomb Raider’s, which makes sense considering Crystal Dynamics is at the helm. Using Tactical Awareness will help you spot treasure, collectibles, enemies, and perhaps most crucially, interactive objects that you need for optional puzzles.

Buying Skills

There are a lot of uses for skill points when you level up, and it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily your options are very-much level-gated early on, but you still want to kind of look towards building a path. We really recommend making your early choices carefully, figuring out what parts of each hero’s playstyle you gel with the most before spending your points. Each tree has moves with all the properties you need (guard-breaking, etc), so it’s more about which moves feel best to you. Also, don’t forget there’s a whole second tree that’s more stats-oriented, so make sure you don’t forget about that. Everyone may be playing the same characters, but Crystal Dynamics made sure distinct builds are totally possible.

That’s all for now! We’re also planning more specialized content, such as individual hero guides and other tips such as puzzle solutions or boss fights that the Marvel’s Avengers playerbase runs into. If you’ve already got the basics down, what do you think? Is the core gameplay loop a satisfying experience, or do you feel like combat doesn’t really open up until you spend more skill points? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!