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Marvel’s Avengers: All War Zone Mission Types

by Lucas White

Once you’re done with the campaign, or if you choose to skip it altogether, Marvel’s Avengers opens up to its multiplayer-focused endgame. This is called the Avengers Initiative, and the different types of missions are called War Zones. Of course, you access War Zones from the War Table. Presumably the Avengers also eat War Breakfast at the War Table, but that is unconfirmed at this time. There are ten different kinds of missions, and the game itself doesn’t do the best job explaining them. We figured we’d lay them out here, in case you haven’t dived in yet and want to do so with some preparation.

Marvel’s Avengers Mission Type Guide

While there are ten different types of missions, that comes with a caveat here. One of the mission types is the “AIM Secret Lab,” which seems to be this game’s “raid” mission. These aren’t available yet in the early days of Marvel’s Avengers’ launch window, but will be soon enough. Anyway, on to the rest of the missions!

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  • Drop Zone – these are the shortest kinds of missions, usually only containing one objective you can take out within a few minutes.
  • Faction – These are narrative missions, that flesh out the game’s story and world despite being multiplayer-focused. Rather than the heroes, in Faction missions you learn more about the groups you interact with.
  • HARM Challenge – These are the wave-based horde challenges you fight inside the Helicarrier’s special training room. 
  • Hives – Once again, these are multi-part combat challenges. That’s pretty much the case for all of these. But what makes Hives distinct is you have to fight your way through randomized challenges, facing five different floors with different enemies.
  • Iconic – Like the Faction missions, these are little side stories that have to do with the hero side of the equation. You don’t have to play as the matching hero, but generally the reward is hero-specific gear.
  • Mega Hives – Mega Hives have you fighting through a Hive with all four Avengers, in a survival-like format.
  • Threat Sector – Simple missions in which you punch bad guys and get some loot.
  • Vault – Vault missions only become available if you find a SHIELD Cache during other gameplay. In these you’ll have to break into an abandoned SHIELD bunker, which involves defending capture points.
  • Villain Sector – There aren’t any Raids yet, but Villain Sectors are like mini-raids that see players work together to get through a longer, more challenging mission with a nasty boss at the end.
  • For the time being, these are the missions you’ll be running while you’re powering up during the Marvel’s Avengers endgame state. Running these missions will help you power up your characters, as well as get ready for the tougher challenges that will inevitably follow over time.

Are you enjoying Marvel’s Avengers? Or are you still on the fence? Maybe you’ve already sent your copy back to GameStop. Whatever the case may be, we want to know why you are or aren’t enjoying this game.

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