Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache Schedule – September 2023 – New Cards Rumor Leaks!

Loki is finally coming!

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Cards that will certainly impact the meta in Marvel Snap are coming inevitably (something like Thanos) during September 2023, and many of them will have something to do with the Energy Cost aspect of the game. I feel that sorting out the balance with the cards that reduce costs in any card game is like a walk on thin ice, eggs, or however you want to phrase it. Those who are in Marvel Snap long enough remember the unending terror of Zabu Sera decks. Let’s see what this alleged leak brings us. Please be advised that this “data mine” information does not guarantee that the presented content will stay the same on live release. We will update the article when more information arrives (if there are any changes that need addressing).

Loki – Between September 5 and September 11


3-Cost, 5-Power

On Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent’s starting deck. Give them -1 cost.

It’s a hit-or-miss card. Brutal with Quinjet turn 1 and Zabu turn 2.

Contents of the Spotlight Cache this week should be:

  • Jeff
  • Ghost Spider
  • Knull

Rumors are that Loki might be the Season Pass card for September 2023.

Alioth – Between September 12 and September 18


6-Cost, 5-Power

On Reveal: Destroy all enemy cards played here this turn, including unrevealed cards.

If you have priority on Turn 6 it’s a brilliant “win moar” card if you can predict where your opponent will play their stuff.

Contents of the Spotlight Cache this week should be:

  • Alioth
  • Hit-Monkey
  • Snowguard

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Ravonna Renslayer – Between September 19 and September 25

Ravonna Renslayer:

3-Cost, 3-Power

Ongoing: Your cards with 1 or less Power cost 1 less (minimum 1).

Cerebro 3, anyone? However, I am not sure that reducing the cost for just the Cerebro and Mystique by 1 would be worth it.

Contents of the Spotlight Cache this week should be:

  • Ravonna Renslayer
  • Zabu
  • Jean Grey

Mobius M. Mobius – Between September 26 and October 2


2-Cost, 3-Power

Ongoing: Your costs cannot be increased. Your opponent’s Costs cannot be reduced.

This card will be a huge pain to deal with, I already see this. Enchantress and Rogue are going to be very popular. This card outright shuts down Sera, Quinjet, Zabu, and even Wave, I think!

Contents of the Spotlight Cache this week should be:

  • Mobius
  • Kang
  • ??? (TBD)

That’s all for this September Spotlight Cache Schedule preview. With this article, sadly, we have to say goodbye to Marvel Snap coverage for now. We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, and if you need help improving your game, there’s an in-depth, five-part guide that starts with Grasping the game and card mechanics which I hope you will enjoy.

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