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Mario Tennis Aces Controls

by Bryan Dawson

Mario Tennis Aces is a great game for the casual audience, but there’s also plenty of depth to it. With that depth comes more advanced controls that can be confusing to some players. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the Mario Tennis Aces controls, telling you exactly what each button does, how to Zone Shot, how to Topspin, and more. Once you have the Mario Tennis Aces controls down, you can really start to learn the more intricate details in the game.

Mario Tennis Aces Controls

Button Ability Notes
A Topspin Shot Ball will bounce higher after hitting the ground.
B Slice Shot Hit the ball with a very narrow curve.
Y Flat Shot Increase shot speed.
Up + X Lob The ball moves slower, but goes much higher in the air and has a wider curve.
Down + X Drop Shot The ball bounces very low to the ground and drops much faster.
Right Analog Stick Trick Shot You can also trigger a Trick Shot with the Left Analog Stick and tapping X twice.
R or ZR Zone Shot With at least one-third of your Energy Gauge, stand on a star point and hold R or ZR.
L or ZL Special Shot Super move that can be performed once you have a full Energy Gauge.
Double Tap Power Shot Press A, B or Y twice to execute a Power Shot.
Hold R Zone Speed After the opponent hits the ball, hold R to consume your Energy Gauge and slow down time.
Hold A, B or Y Charge Shot As soon as the opponent hits the ball, hold down your shot button to slow your movement and charge your shot to become more powerful.

Note: You can use most of these special shot types when serving, including the Special Shot.

Charge Shot – Most of the other shot types can be charged if you hold down the corresponding button. For example, if you want a Charge Shot Slice, once the opponent hits the ball and it’s heading toward you, hold B and your character will start charging. Release B to execute the shot. Keep in mind, as you’re charging your character will move much slower, so it’s best to move into position, then start charging.

Drop Shot – When you hit a Drop Shot, the ball drops just past the net and bounces very low to the ground. This gives an opponent very little time to react. If your opponent is playing back by the baseline, you can use a Drop Shot to catch them off guard.

Flat Shot – A Flat Shot is generally your fastest normal shot. If you’re looking for speed, go for a Flat Shot.

Lob Shot – A Lob is hit high into the air and drops down near the back of the court by the baseline. It’s generally best to use when an opponent is close to the net. It’s slow and bounces very high, so don’t use it unless your opponent is hugging the net.

Slice Shot – If you want to hit the ball with a sharp angle to make your opponent run across court, the Slice Shot is your best bet. It’s a tight angle that can be difficult for opponents to reach.

Special Shot – Once you have a full Energy Gauge, you can use a Special Shot. This powerful attack can be very difficult to defend against. If the opponent doesn’t return the ball with precise timing, their racquet will break. If they break two racquets, you win the game.

Power Shot – If you don’t have time to use a Charge Shot, a Power Shot is the next best thing. Double tap the button for the shot you want (i.e. double tap B for a Power Shot version of the Slice Shot) to make it faster and more powerful. You cannot use X to execute a Power Shot.

Topspin Shot – When a Topspin Shot hits the ground, the ball will bounce higher than most other shots. It’s similar to a Lob, only without the slow movement. Use this when you’re trying to get the ball to the baseline as quickly as possible.

Trick Shot – There are a couple of different ways to use a Trick Shot. You can press the Right Analog Stick in the direction you want to move, then press the desired shot button (A, B, X or Y) as soon as your racquet makes contact with the ball. Alternatively, you can press the Left Analog Stick in the direction you want to move, and double tap X, then press the desired shot button when your racquet makes contact with the ball. These are best used when the ball is out of reach and you need to quickly move around the court to reach it.

Zone Shot – Once you have at least one-third of your Energy Gauge, stand on a star spot and hold R or ZR to execute a Zone Shot. While you’re holding R or ZR you will be draining your Energy Gauge, so make sure you have enough energy before you try a Zone Shot. Once hit, the opponent will have to perfectly time their return or they will take racquet damage.

Zone Speed – After your opponent hits the ball, you can hold R to slow down time so you can see where the ball is going and reach the ball easier. While you’re using Zone Speed, your Energy Gauge will steadily deplete, so only use it when absolutely necessary and for a limited time. The longer Zone Speed is active, the more energy you’ll lose. You can use Zone Speed to make Zone Shots and Special Shots easier to hit.

To find out about shot counters or more in-depth information, check out our Mario Tennis Aces game hub!

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