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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – How to Defeat Rabbid Kong

by Prima Games Staff

Mario + Rabbids brings the fun and humor of the Mario and Rabbids series together in an all-new type of tactical RPG on the Nintendo Switch. But if you want to restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom, and stop the flow of evil Rabbids into the land, then you’re going to need to take down quite a few big baddies along the way. The first real big baddie that you run into is Rabbid Kong, the boss of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’s first world. In this article we’ll walk you through how to beat Rabbid Kong in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and complete World 1-9.

How to Beat Rabbid Kong

While this is the first real boss fight you’ll encounter (we’re not counting World 1’s mid-boss), the fight isn’t really that difficult—if you have the right tools. Before you get started we’re going to highly recommend that you pick up the Heal technique for Rabbid Peach, as this will make it much easier to stay alive during the fight.

When the fight first begins, Rabbid Kong will use a map-wide attack that hits everyone (including enemies) for 10 damage each. After the first attack, focus on taking down all the other enemies in the area. Once the enemies are cleared out, be sure to heal up your allies if you can, and then step on the banana tile in front of Rabbid Kong to dump all of his bananas into the trash and get the fight started for real.

This is where the first real phase of the battle begins, and you’ll want to deal 120 damage to the Rabbid Kong as quickly as possible. Each turn that passes will cause Rabbid Kong to deal 50 damage to whoever is on the banana tile, so you’ll want to be able to keep them healed up as much as possible. Once you have dealt the 120 damage to Rabbid Kong, he’ll jump to another banana tile, and you’ll need to complete the process once more. Take the enemies out, and then step onto the banana tile once more.

During the final phase of the battle, a Smasher will be summoned into the fight. The trick to taking these guys out is to focus on it and make sure you don’t cluster your characters together. Once the Smasher is down, step onto the banana tile again, and then start dealing more damage to the Rabbid Kong until he goes down and the fight ends.

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