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Mario Kart Tour Take Out 3 Pipes Challenge Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re playing the latest Mario Kart craze, Mario Kart Tour, then you’re definitely going to be familiar with the Tour Challenges that the game throws at you. These are timed challenges i.e. you have a set amount of time to complete them, and completing the New York Tour would hardly be as fun as it is without knocking out said challenges. One particular task about knocking out pipes has been giving us some trouble, but this Mario Kart Tour Take Out 3 Pipes Challenge guide should be very helpful.

Mario Kart Tour Take Out 3 Pipes Challenge Guide

First of all, this challenge involving 3 pipes is in the first batch of Tour Challenges that come with Mario Kart Tour. However, it doesn’t really tell you exactly what “taking out” pipes means. It sure as heck isn’t collisions, and we would know; we’ve misguidedly tried that method. Lucky, we’ve done the testing for you: you have to take them out with a Mega Mushroom or a Bowser shell. 

Here’s what our solution is to solving this challenge on the circuit. Like we’ve just said, you’re gonna need a Mega Mushroom or to be playing as Bowser. If you play as Bowser, then your shell is going to be enough but most of us aren’t going to be as endowed. Luckily for you, the Mega Mushroom is there. 

Why is this item so good? Well, it makes your racer huge, which also means that stomping obstacles (including pipes) is a piece of cake. You don’t have to do anything special, really; having the Mega Mushroom means that all you have to do is drive over any pesky pipes that stand in your way. If you do this three times, then it’ll count as completing the Mario Kart Tour Take Out 3 Pipes challenge. If you’re worried about actually getting this magical fungi, then our recommendation would be to actually hang at the back of the pack because the game will take pity on you and chuck you one to equalize things. Once you pick it up, you’ll be golden. Need a hand with playing Mario Kart with your mates? We have a guide for that too.

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