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Mario Kart Tour New Tracks Guide: Tokyo Tour Additional Content

by Ginny Woo


If you’ve been finding the early days of Mario Kart Tour a little stale, then you’re probably not alone. However, there’s been a new update to the app which has us crawling back. That’s right, we’re talking about the Tokyo Tour! Mario and friends are heading to Japan, which means a whole host of new content to enjoy. Want to know what the Mario Kart Tour new tracks are and more? We’ve got you covered. 

Mario Kart Tour New Tracks Guide: Tokyo Tour Additional Content

There’s something to be said for globe-trotting in Mario Kart Tour, and the Tokyo Tour circuit is pretty damn fancy. There’s going to be a Tokyo track added to the game, along with other new tracks to spin your wheels on which we’ve listed below:

  • Tokyo Track
  • Rainbow Road
  • Kalimari Desert
  • Neo Bowser City

On top of the new tracks, there’s a number of other additions to the Mario Kart Tour roster in the form of new characters, spotlight drivers, and also new challenges involving some familiar, nefarious faces. We’re talking Baby Rosalina and Boswer Jr being added, Peach and Mario being the latest spotlight drivers (with new threads to match), and you’ll get to use the Koopalings to complete some pretty onerous score challenges as part of the Tokyo Circuit shenanigans. 

Some of the new tracks look positively diabolical: we’re talking, of course, about Rainbow Road. While classic Mario Kart tracks have been adapted without incident so far for this mobile version of affairs, every single one of us can likely still remember where we were the day that we were totally owned by the Rainbow Road so this will be an interesting one for the community to revisit. Of course, you can expect the usual deluge of cosmetic items and other in-game memorabilia to commemorate Mario heading to Japan, so keep your eyes peeled for some sweet karts too. 

Now that you have our Mario Kart Tour new tracks guide to hand, you should have a better idea of what to expect when you’re setting foot in Tokyo after the coming update. Need a hand with anything else in Mario Kart Tour? Our guide on finishing the Koopalings score challenge is up too.

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