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Mario Kart Tour 30 Mini Boosts Challenge Guide

by Ginny Woo

You’ve heard about being bass-boosted; now get ready for turbo-boosting. While the act of being Turbo-boosted or Mini-Turbo-boosted in Mario Kart Tour is pretty self-explanatory, there are some challenges in the game which push your luck to the extreme. Our guide to the Mario Kart Tour 30 Mini Boosts challenge has some tips for you if you think that number’s impossibly high, or if you’re just wanting an easier time netting Grand Stars.

Mario Kart Tour 30 Mini Boosts Challenge Guide

So, back onto the topic of being boosted. As you would have gathered, there are two different types of boosting in Mario Kart Tour: Turbo Boosts, and Mini-Turbo Boosts. Now, these are actually conditions that you bring upon yourself by being really good at drifting. If you’ve ever watched a Fast and Furious movie, then yes, we do mean that sort of drifting.

For everyone else who’s never experienced one of the pinnacles of modern cinema, you basically have to take a corner really fast without crashing. When you drift successfully, you get a little speed boost. Once you get little blue effects around your kart, that’s when you know that you’ve carried out what the kids like to call a Mini-Turbo boost. 

Here are some tips and tricks that we have for all you boosted animals to keep in mind:

  • Forget about winning whatever circuit you’ve loaded into. The challenge isn’t to win, it’s to drift. Who cares if you place last?
  • Make sure that you’re approaching every corner with the intent to drift
  • Turn off Manual Drift if you want an easier time with the corners
  • Focus solely on taking the corners and getting those boosts, it doesn’t matter if you crash after. The challenge only counts the boosts.

As long as you make sure that you’re not hung up on your actual overall performance and focusing on taking the corners one at a time, you’re going to be able to net 30 Mini Boosts in a circuit easily. If you do a circuit on a lower CC then this Herculean task will immediately be more manageable, so take it all the way down to 50 if you absolutely have to. You can try it out on Koopa Troopa Beach, which is a course that we’ve also prepared a helpful guide for as well. Now that you’ve got our Mario Kart Tour 30 Mini Boosts challenge guide in hand, you can be safe in the knowledge that if you stay boosted, you ain’t ever gotta get boosted.

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