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Man of Medan Characters and Voice Actors

by Nicholas Barth

Friday, August 30th will see the first entry in Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology series in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan officially released to the world. Man of Medan puts players in control of five individuals who are fighting to survive aboard a mysterious ship where countless horrors reside. These five individuals and all of the other people who will be apart of your Man of Medan adventure are a group of interesting characters who are brought to life by a variety of talented voice actors. If you want to learn more about the voice actors for the characters of Man of Medan, be sure to check out who these individuals are below.

Man of Medan Characters Voice Actors

Man of Medan Characters Voice Actors

  • Fliss – Ayisha Issa
  • Alex – Kareem Tristan Alleyne
  • Brad – Chris Sandiford
  • Conrad – Shawn Ashmore
  • Julia – Arielle Palik
  • The Curator – Pip Torrens
  • Junior – Chimwemwe Miller
  • Danny – Russell Yuen
  • Joe – Adrian Burhop
  • Charlie – Sean Colby

In addition to the five survivors players will control throughout the story of the Supermassive Games title, there are the three kidnappers who thrust Alex, Julia, Conrad, Brad, and Fliss into being stranded on the dangerous vessel lost at sea. There is also the mysterious Curator who is watching the story of Man of Medan unfold on the outside with you offers you insight into what exactly is going on. 

The characters of Man of Medan are no doubt the stars of the horror experience of the first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Thanks to the hard work of the talented voice actors listed above, players have the opportunity to experience everything Man of Medan has to offer through the characters fighting to survive an unknown horror in an adrenaline-fueled adventure. 

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