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Magikarp Jump – How to Evolve Magikarp to Gyrados

by Josh Hawkins

Magikarp Jump may be all about one of Pokemon’s most useless fish Pokemon, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t get a thrill within the game. In fact, Gyrados, Magikarp’s evolution, can actually be obtained and witnessed in the game. In this article we’ll show you how to Magikarp evolves into Gyrados in Magikarp Jump.

It should be noted, though, that once you evolve your Magikarp into a Gyrados, it becomes completely useless within the game, and will instantly be retired from play and you’ll have to get another one. Because of that, you should only evolve a Magikarp that isn’t special, doesn’t have any good individuality traits, as this will keep you from making use of those traits to further your career as a Magikarp Jump Trainer.

How to Prepare to Evolution

The first thing you need to do to evolve your Magikarp is break it’s Everstone. An Everstone keeps your Magikarp from evolving to its next evolution, and in order to evolve to Gyrados, you’re going to need to break this stone before getting started. Players can easily break this tone by simply tapping on their Magikarp a bunch while at the pond. You’ll get a message that the Everstone has broken, which will allow you to begin the process of leveling up your Magikarp and evolving it.

How to Evolve Magikarp into Gyrados

Now it’s time for the final step in the process. Open up your Training Sodas, start up your food generators, and start leveling up your Magikarp. The goal here is to reach level 20. You can take a look at our guide on how to level up fast to see how you can level up the easiest. But basically you’re just going to want to start feeding, training, and even complete league matches. All of these things will give you the experience and JP that you need to level up, and once you reach level 20, Magikarp will evolve into Gyrados, thereby making itself useless to your journey.

The good news is that you will complete a quest, which will reward you with 10 Diamonds. The bad news is you’ll have to get another Magikarp and your Gyrados will be retired. Don’t worry, though, if you didn’t use a special Magikarp, then you shouldn’t lose out on much.

Getting to level 20 in the early stages of the game will be impossible. Because of this, players will want to make their way through quite a few Magikarp’s before they try to evolve into Gyrados. It will take a while, but the 10 Diamonds that you receive are a worthy enough reward, not to mention the fact that you get to have a Gyrados in your care for at least a few moments.

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