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Magic: Legends New Necromancer Class Guide

by Lucas White

News and updates continue to roll out for Magic: Legends, Cryptic’s upcoming action-RPG MMO based on Wizards of the Coast’s iconic card game. Magic: The Gathering’s fantasy revolves around color-coded elemental forces, which not only involve environmental factors, but ideology as well. The latest class reveal for Magic: Legends is the Necromancer, which is Cryptic’s representative for “black” mana. As you can probably surmise from the title, the Necromancer is all about manipulating the forces of life and death to navigate the battlefield.

Magic: Legends Necromancer Class Guide

Thematically speaking there are three core concepts that make up the Necromancer’s style in combat. These are sacrifice, Damage over Time, and buffing. The Necromancer’s actions are all based around manipulating the elements, including sacrificing its creatures to gain benefits, applying DoT and HoT effects, and buffing/debuffing as side effects to its abilities. An introductory blog from Cryptic lays out what the Necromancer’s abilities are and what they do:

  • Grim Siphon: This is the Necromancer’s primary attack, using its Censer weapon to hit at mid-range, applying a DoT in addition to damage, as well as gaining HoT (Healing over Time). 
  • Grave Upheaval: This secondary ability deals damage, and summons two skeletons.
  • Soul Wither: Necromancer’s utility ability releases a circular cloud of black mana around the player, which applies both a DoT effect and a slowing debuff to enemies, giving the Necromancer enhanced mobility and restoring a percentage of the DoT as health.

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In terms of spells, the Necromancer is able to leverage its creatures to fuel bonuses, sacrificing one creature to buff another, or using the sacrifice to heal the player after they burn health to cast a different spell. They can also sacrifice creatures and their own life to summon even stronger creatures. This style of play is all about achieving a balance between sacrificing the player’s own resources, then gaining them back to fuel the next round of major spells and attacks.

One of Magic: Legends’ major draws is a big element of customization, so expect to see all kinds of options to make the Necromancer your own via the game’s Loadout and Deckbuilding features. Additional options provided by the game’s Battle Pass and other “horizontal” monetization options will lead to even further options beyond this class’ basic toolset. We’ll learn much more on the road to the game’s first beta test, which you can actively sign up for tight now.

Are you looking forward to Magic: Legends? Does the introduction of the Necromancer make you even more eager to check it out? Or are you still waiting for your favorite color to get some representation? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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