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Mafia 3 – How to Save Cars and Other Vehicles

by Prima Games Staff

Like any open world game with plenty of cool cars to check out, players are going to want to be able to save their sweetest rides in Mafia 3. Whether you’ve stolen the vehicle from off the side of the road, or straight jacked it out of someone else’s hands, there are some really awesome rides to be found around New Bordeaux. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about saving vehicles in Mafia 3, including how you can call in certain vehicles using your Associates.

How to Save Vehicles in Mafia 3

Sadly, there isn’t really any particular way to save vehicles in Mafia 3. Unfortunately, Lincoln doesn’t have access to any kind of garage or storage area where you can park cars and access them later. Instead, interacting with certain safe house areas (like Sammy’s Bar, or any of your underbosses hideouts) will move your car to a designated “driveway” area, or just remove it from the area entirely. It’s kind of hit and miss at this point in time, but we do know that car customization is coming in the future, so we can only hope that the upcoming vehicle DLC also includes some new way to save vehicles.

While you cannot save vehicles you find out in the wild, there are an assortment of vehicles you can unlock and have dropped off near you using one of your Associates. There are six vehicles in total (you’ll have nine if you preordered and got the Family Kickback Bonus pack), that you can unlock and call in. These vehicles include Father Jame’s sedan, Lincoln’s jet black muscle car, and a few other high speed vehicles found throughout the game world. You can call these vehicles in any time you want, for absolutely no cost to you, so be sure to make use of the system to keep Lincoln hooked up with some good wheels.

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That’s all there is to know about saving vehicles at this point in time. Hopefully the future car customization DLC that Hangar 13 has in the works will add another storage method, but unfortunately you’ll just have to deal with what’s available at this point in time. Don’t forget to use your vehicle Associate (who is unlocked after you meet with Burke for the first time) to bring you vehicles whenever you need a ride. If you followed the information above, you’ll now know how to call in vehicles, as well as everything you need to know about saving cars in Mafia 3.

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