Madden NFL 25- Top 10 Tips

We recap the 10 best tips to dominate EA's gridiron champ.

Although it’s the only console football game in town, Electronic Arts managed to work its magic once more with Madden NFL 25. Featuring a smooth running game, reliable passing and a number of features to make any pigskin fan proud, it’s easily the go-to simulation for players of all ages.

To help round out the game’s successful run, we put together a list of our 10 favorite tips from Madden NFL 25. Enjoy, and take advantage – you could very well have another Super Bowl contender on your hands.

10.) Combine Your Running Tactics 

While going down the field, remember you have more than one advantage with your ball carrier. You can juke, spin, dive and shove your way past particular players – and even combine moves together. Try looping a juke with a spin so you jump in one direction and then spin the next. You could shake off a couple of defenders if you do it the right away – and leave yourself open for a run to the end zone. Watch what incoming players do and react accordingly. 

9.) Learn New Skills Through Drills

If you’re a veteran Madden player, you may think that you don’t have to worry about going through the Skills Drill. However, trying them out will not only teach you the basics you’ve come to understand, but will also net you an Achievement or Trophy once you go through them. Besides, practice makes perfect – especially when you’re going up against a monster team like the Seahawks. Take the time and master the drills.

8.) Don’t Abuse Your Turbo

It’s nice to have access to a turbo button, as you can sprint for the end zone with a receiver or dart your way through a defensive line to reach the quarterback for a sack. However, use it leniently. You’ll use up your player’s energy by constantly holding the button down, leaving them winded and possibly vulnerable later on in the game. Turn it on when you absolutely need it, and you’ll benefit as a result.

7.) Don’t Turn Away Free Points

If you have an opportunity to add three points to the board right before the half, go ahead and take it. Some may be tempted to “go for it” and add an extra seven points to the board, but the fact is it’s a riskier play, as the defense for the other team can possibly pick you off and make a score of their own. Sometimes it’s best to play it safe – as some coaches are known to do – and tack onto the lead. You don’t want to kick yourself later. 

6.) Modification Can Be Everything

In making the most from your plays, don’t forget your modifier. Assigned to the left shoulder button (or trigger, depending on the version), this allows you to have more powered-up moves for a small amount of time, whether it’s leaping higher over an opposing player or adding a little speed to your defensive moves. Use it sparingly, as it takes up a good amount of energy from your player, and time your actions just right so you get the most from them. Be sure to practice when you can. 

5.) Stuck? Ask Madden!

When choosing a crucial play – especially on a third and long situation – you don’t want to make the wrong call. Instead, keep in mind that you can always Ask Madden in the menu and he’ll provide a number of plays to choose from. Since he’s a coaching legend and all, he knows his stuff, so don’t be afraid to prod him for a quick consultation. It could make all the difference when it comes to adding to your lead. 

4.) Check Your Passing Routes 

When passing to the open man to get the ball further downfield, you’ll want to watch out for particular warning signs, such as when defensive coverage “doubles up” on a player for the possibility of an interception. In the precious few seconds you have to read runner routes, look for whoever’s the most wide open – even if they’re not the most preferred receiver – and make the play. Don’t hesitate too long, though, or you’ll get sacked!

3.) Running? Try a Stiff Arm

One of the best moves you have for holding off a defender is the stiff arm. It may not be the cleanest tactic, but it’ll keep them off your back while you continue to dash forward for those extra yards. Press the X or A button (depending on your version) to utilize it, but just keep in mind it’s not a miracle worker. If you’ve got a defensive man charging at you at full speed, you may want to turn to a juke or a spin instead. Read players carefully. 

2.) Don’t Go Crazy With Your Time-Outs 

In each half of the game, you have three time-outs available, but you’ll want to use them as sparingly as possible. If you feel in your gut that a challenge could go your way, risk using one to see if the refs decide in your favor. Otherwise, try to save them for as late in the game as possible – it could make all the difference as you push down field for the game-winning touchdown. Also, don’t forget that you can press the X (or A) button while huddling to speed things along. In some situations, every second counts!

1.) Know Your Team

When it comes to adapting to a style of play with your team, it helps to know where its strengths lie. If you’ve got a team with a strong defensive line, try to work up the interceptions and fumble opportunities before they kick it back to you. If you’ve got a go-to quarterback like the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning, take advantage of his great arm and go for some ideal pass plays. If your runners know what they’re doing, don’t be afraid to hand the ball off to them and let them do their work. It helps to know what kind of team you’re playing with before you begin a game. That way, you can figure out their plays and make them work in your favor.

Madden NFL 25 is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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