Madden NFL 24: Is Double XP Earnings Available in Ultimate Team?

Get on the grind now, or you’ll miss the chance to level up!

players can earn double xp in mut 24
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It’s almost time for the curtain to close on Season 1 of Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team. As we approach the final days of the first season, EA has been working on ways to help players earn rewards and move as quickly as possible down the Field Passes of all programs. In this post, I’ll be discussing if double XP earnings have been introduced to MUT yet and what game modes you should be playing to earn as many XP as possible to maximize your earnings.

Is Double XP Earnings Available in Madden 24 Ultimate Team?

Yes, double XP earnings are available in Madden Ultimate Team. The rewards program kicked off on September 27. Predictably, the double XP earnings will only be available until the next season kicks off.

The reason for EA adding it now is to help players catch up with all the Field Passes. It’s also another outlet for players who want to earn some great player items quickly but don’t have the money to spend on Madden Points.

Besides doing all of the challenges in MUT 24 and earning double XP, players should take the time out to play solo battles, where the rewards are greater. All you need to do is select a higher difficulty and try to beat your opponents. If you succeed, the rewards will be worth all the time and effort. If you lose, don’t worry; you’ll still stand a chance of being rewarded generously. Hence, solo battles are the best way to move down the Field Pass and earn the biggest and best rewards. 


Keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for a new day to start before being able to enter solo battles and play the CPU.

At the time of writing this, there are only five days left for Season 1 and some competitive Field Passes. Get cracking and build a team for the win before it’s too late and you get left behind. For more Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team content, you can read: What is Chemistry & How Does It Work in Madden Ultimate Team?

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